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Altius Architecture Inc. | Bala Park Island

Architecture Altius Architecture | Bala Park Island

Altius Architecture | Bala Park IslandAs with all our cottage work the site had a major influence on the design. The main level of the building nestles up against a distinct granite ridge. The ridge provides a perfect landing for the second level which anchors the building back on to the Canadian shield. The landing for the upper level walks out to a path that follows the ridge to a future bunkie.

Altius Architecture | Bala Park Island

Altius Architecture | Bala Park IslandThe design is a simple roof line that tilts upwards revealing the ridge through clerestory windows. The floor levels follow the slope varying the interior ceiling heights. The exposed Douglas Fir roof joists provide a continuous rhythm across the entire ground floor ceiling.

Altius Architecture | Bala Park IslandSustainability Features

Program and Spatial Optimization
Integration with the ‘Natural Assets’ of the Site and Terrain
Site Specific View and Vista Optimization
Passive Solar Heating
Natural Ventilation and Passive Cooling
Natural Daylighting
Material Optimization and Modular Design
Renewable Materials and Finishes
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Non-toxic Materials and Finishes
Advanced Wood Heating Systems (ie. Contraflow Masonry Heaters)
Solar Hot Water Systems
Low Energy Lighting & Appliances
Water Conserving Appliances & Fixtures

Altius Architecture | Bala Park IslandBeing a seasonal dwelling our main concern was keeping the building cool in the summer and providing an economical and sustainable means of providing enough heat during the early spring and late fall to keep the cottage comfortable. High clerestory windows induce a lakeside draft to vent the summer heat. A Tempcast masonry heater burning at over 90% efficiency provides radiant heat.

Location: Lake Muskoka , Ontario, Canada
Architect: Altius Architecture |  Tony Round, Trevor McIvor
Construction Management: Tony Round, Trevor McIvor
Completion: 2009
Project Partners
Engineering: CUCCO engineering + design, Toronto
Construction: Dyer Contracting, Port Carling

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