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Concept & Competition Another Design International | One World

Another Design International | One WorldOne Perfect World – The first international branded villa in India

Creative designers have persistance of visions to make waves in the industry. The international awarded designer Pal Pang from Another Design International was invited by the international acclaimed Indian developer Artha Property for a collaboration interior design project “One World” for Artha shares Pal’s devotion and passion in design, arts and culture.

Another Design International | One WorldIn this summer, Pal as the lead of his creative team from Europe together with Artha Property International will be launching “One World” the first international branded villa where Pal brings in his best design strength mixing the best elements from the eastern and western cultures creating for today’s generation chasing after contemporary lifestyle. The location of One World in Chennai provides us with an imagination of a community with a splendid mix of multi-cultures from the west and east where international professionals and visitors will enjoy the luxurious lifestyle in this premium, harmony and globalized community.

Another Design International | One WorldMusic and films always inspire and enhance Pal’s creativity. Pal is inspired by the movie “A Perfect World” (1993) for this project. As inspired by the story, Pal sees the shift from today’s excessive mass consumption of luxury and the ever-changing lifestyles in our society over the years, he thinks there is a slow return to be more selective with emphasis on greater values on experiences and search for simple quality and authentic pleasures in life that would make us to realise who we are and what we stand for. Pal believed that design is as the mirror to reflect our daily life while at the same time bringing both imaginary and reality in front of us. This is the ultimate objective that Pal wishes to deliver through the project which is to allow the audience to rethink about the correlation between our society and design, also to question what we can do to unleash the potentials and possibilities in design.

Another Design International | One WorldAbout Pal Pang

The international award winning interior designer Pal Pang is the founder of Another Design International since 2002. Pal’s design approach is sophisticated, creative and forward-thinking. We realize and understand the potentials in both western and eastern markets therefore we have successfully blended the two elements creating an unique design style. With Pal Pang’s sophisticated and forward thinking design approach, in 2007, The Morrison residential project clinched the UK International Property Awards, the Best Interior Design Award at the Asia-Pacific Awards as well as environmental awards at the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors. Horizon Heights another residential project has taken away the Best Interior Design at the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2010. Most recently, in 2012, Pang was the first from China and Hong Kong region to take home with the prestigious Italian A’ Design Award to celebrate his excellence in interior design and for his outstanding residential design project – Mount Peak in Hong Kong.

Another Design International | One WorldAbout Artha International Property
Artha Property, India’s leading real estate services player has recently forayed into premium overseas properties. For the One World project, The International Property Group of Artha has invited various of international acclaimed designers including Pal Pang to work on the project offering a luxury and contemporary lifestyle villas in Chennai the fastest growing metropolitan that the Central Business District of India is gradually shifting towards.

About One World
One World is located in Chennai India is a community of ultra premium villas and apartments with the total plot area of 23 acres featuring luxurious lifestyle amenities including: private clubhouse, swimming pool, cafeteria, clinic, tennis court and areas of parks and outdoor area for leisure which will fully take care of one’s need in a community.

Location: India
Architect: Another Design International
Project name: One World

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