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Bonaldo | Birba

Furniture Bonaldo | Birba

Bonaldo | Birba

The Birba chair by Bonaldo celebrates its 20th anniversary, without looking a day older: it is just as fun, bubbly and colourful as the day it was launched on the market. Made of painted steel, Birba takes up just 3 cm of space when folded: it is a practical and versatile chair, which combines a vintage feel with a modern design to suit any interior décor, from the kitchen to the children’s bedroom, and even an informal and fun living room.

Bonaldo | Birba

Bonaldo | BirbaBirba is available in a wide range of colours, which make it appealing and eye-catching: white, black, silver, green, anthracite, orange, lilac, pink, coral, brown, dove grey and amaranth. The bright colours and simple silhouette enhance the contemporary appeal of Birba, totally in keeping with the current trends.

Bonaldo | BirbaBut why stop at just one Birba? Bonaldo solves your space-saving dilemmas by offering two optionals, the hook and practical trolley purpose-designed for Birba, so you can store away the chairs neatly.

Designer: Bonaldo

Bonaldo | Birba



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