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DCPP Arquitectos | Sky Condos

Concept & Competition DCPP Arquitectos | Sky Condos

DCPP Arquitectos | Sky CondosLocated on a privileged area of the City of Lima and with views towards the golf course, the architects sought to create an icon for the future, a new luxury housing concept in Latin America; combining the idea of incorporating the exterior space to the interior life of the apartments and creating a new relation between public and private areas.

DCPP Arquitectos | Sky Condos

DCPP Arquitectos | Sky CondosThe architects wanted to get away from the traditional tower; instead of piling up a series of identical apartments, they created three types that adjust to different necessities; each one with a clear individuality using the privative exterior spaces as our main core. The architects  believe that an apartment shouldn’t lack exterior spaces; this is why our main space in each apartment is the exterior public area which contains the pool and a series of terraces that bring dynamism to the whole tower. These terraces fill the apartment with natural light and create a game of lights and shadows.

DCPP Arquitectos | Sky CondosThe 20 floor tower has a facade that is mainly transparent allowing the integration of the building to the exterior; generating crossed ventilation and natural lighting in all the spaces without sacrificing the privacy inside the apartments.   The floor plan is open looking for a transparency all along the plot and generating the sensation that the apartments are suspended.

DCPP Arquitectos | Sky CondosLocation: Lima, Peru
ArchitectDCPP Arquitectos

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