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Disguincio&co | Embedded interfereces

Concept & Competition Disguincio&co | Embedded interfereces

Disguincio&co | Embedded interferecesE.I. is the new facade of a series of warehouses dated back to the ’80s, situated at the east gate of Pordenone. The expansion is designed to accommodate new offices and give a unified appearance to the complex, currently fragmented both in terms of color and shape. The particular geometry solves organically these dissonant moments: tectonic components (pillars, beams, etc..) and programmatic exigencies (openings, entrances, etc..) have been integrated into a single body, in fact, the mass of the building is stretched to generate ground supports and tears to open the interior to natural light.

Disguincio&co | Embedded interferecesThe twisting surfaces are a tangible sign of the distortions due to the openings and provide special effects thanks to the sunlight reflection. The effects are amplified by the wire mesh covering: the drivers will enjoy a soft mutation of the facade, a sparkle that will make the building the main character of the street.

Disguincio&co | Embedded interferecesThe volume of the new offices, aligned with the existing spaces on the second floor, is accompanied by an exterior corridor, opened to the main front. This corridor is connected with a common entrance where the stairs are integrated in one of the volumes connected to the ground. Another benefit of this corridor is to filter the office spaces from the outside space, and to protect them to the direct action of the sun and the weather: wind and solar incidence analysis have helped to shape the building, to create openings that become an integrated brise-soleil.

Disguincio&co | Embedded interfereces

Disguincio&co | Embedded interfereces

Disguincio&co | Embedded interferecesThe offices are closed by a continuous glass wall, with the possibility of being opened for large portions, allowing to expand the perception of the office’s space. Briefly, the project proposes a flexible form that easily adapts to specific situations, while maintaining a consistent overall look.

Location: Pordenone, Italy
Architect: Disguincio&co 
Project name: Embedded interfereces
Year: 2010

Typology: Office building
Client: condominio Aquileia

Surface: 1820 mq

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