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Henning Larsen Architects | Siemens HQ

Concept & Competition Henning Larsen Architects | Siemens HQ

Henning Larsen Architects | Siemens HQSiemens’ new headquarters is an urban, recognisable composition of plazas, courtyards and alleys that will unfold a new, vibrant urban space in central Munich. Siemens and Munich are integrated into a harmonious whole by merging two archetypal entities – mass (Siemens) and void (Munich) – into a complementing formation. The city opens up the mass, which in response opens up to the city.

Henning Larsen Architects | Siemens HQ

Henning Larsen Architects | Siemens HQThe new headquarters consists of six rectangular, rounded volumes attached to a central vertical structure that connects the entire building complex. This structure creates six varied courtyards engaging in close dialogue with the city – thus generating a new urban space to be explored. The central corridor or “Interaction Zone” connects the various office spaces and represents the key concepts behind the organisation of the building – Communication, Interaction and Innovation. In addition, the office levels are connected by bridges, creating a continuous floor stretching through the entire building complex. The heart of the new headquarters, the atrium, is situated in the middle of the building and is accessible from all sides. The atrium also serves as the main entrance to the headquarters.

Henning Larsen Architects | Siemens HQCompetition

The jury comprised Siemens President and CEO Peter Löscher, Siemens Managing Board members Brigitte Ederer and Joe Kaeser, the Mayor of Munich Christian Ude, Head of the Department of Urban Planning in Munich Elisabeth Merk, representatives of the Munich City Council and the District Committee for central Munich as well as experts in architecture, urban planning and landscape conservation. Twelve architectural companies participated in the competition, including Baumschlager Eberle Lochau ZT GmbH, Auer + Weber + Assoziierte, Hopkins Architects, ingenhoven architects and schmidt hammer lassen architects.

Henning Larsen Architects | Siemens HQExtract from the jury citation:
“With its self-confident and sensitive approach, the winning design will succeed in enhancing the quality of the urban environment within the parameters of the existing city. The spacious opening into Oskar-von-Miller- Ring will create a new self-confident address for the Siemens headquarters. The leafy forecourt will suddenly acquire a new meaning at the transition from the old city to the museum quarter, thereby creating an opportunity for inner urban development.”

Location: Munich, Germany
Architect: Henning Larsen Architects
Project name: Siemens HQ
Client: Siemens
Landscape architects: VOGT
Engineers: Werner Sobek Frankfurt, Innius and hppberlin
Consultant (corporate identity): Johan Galster, 2+1
Gross floor area: 45,000 m2
Construction period: 2012-2015
Type of assignment: Winner of invited, international competition
Team of architects: Louis Becker (Partner), Kostas Poulopoulos (Lead Designer), Werner Frosch (Project Manager), Silke Jörgenshaus, Vanda Oliveira, Blanca Ulzurrun, Carl Lyneborg, Christian Schjøll (3D), Jie Zhang, Nico Schlapps, Omar Dabaan and Martin Wrå Nielsen (Sustainability)

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