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Ippolito Fleitz Group | Bau 2013

Interiors Ippolito Fleitz Group | Bau 2013

Ippolito Fleitz Group | Bau 2013Munich’s ‘Bau’ trade fair is one of the world’s leading trade fairs for the construction industry. Its particular focus is on building materials. For the ‘Bau 2013’, Armstrong DLW is highlighting its product palette of linoleum and vinyl flooring. The idea is to pursue the twin goals of presenting its new collections and sensitising a younger and inherently more experimental target group of architects to the appeal of these materials. The stand exhibits both the Linea collection, featuring a wide spectrum of wood grain effects, and the Colorette product line, which is distinguished by strong, rich colours.

Ippolito Fleitz Group | Bau 2013

Ippolito Fleitz Group | Bau 2013

Ippolito Fleitz Group | Bau 2013The Armstrong exhibition stand functions as a communication platform and gives visual expression to the company’s field of expertise. Every surface is covered by a complex, geometric pattern consisting of different cuts of Armstrong materials. A large rear wall, concealing several support rooms, carries a striking, abstract interplay of colours and shapes that create a sense of depth and perspective. From this starting point, the spatial graphic spreads out across the entire floor, covering the reception counter and conference tables.

Ippolito Fleitz Group | Bau 2013


Ippolito Fleitz Group | Bau 2013Only an elongated counter directly in front of the rear wall, which is demarcated as the principal zone for discussion by a firmament of pendant lights, remains entirely white. An open communication zone of tables and counters is demarcated and contained by a folded ceiling element. The latter serves as a three-dimensional counterpart to the two-dimensional structure of the spatial graphic. A polygonal podium encloses a calmer communication zone within the stand. Here different materials are presented on the steps and retractable side wall elements. An unconventional note is added by the fact that visitors are invited to take a seat on the steps themselves, creating a concentrated yet relaxed room for discussion.


Ippolito Fleitz Group | Bau 2013
The Armstrong exhibition stand makes a strong and striking visual impact that can be transported well. Using an installation that encompasses the space in a collage of materials, Armstrong recommends the construction material linoleum for use in contemporary, cutting-edge interior design.

Location: Munich, Germany
Architect: Ippolito Fleitz Group

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