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Labscape Architecture | 3SOME [ NMAAD ]

Concept & Competition Labscape Architecture | 3SOME [ NMAAD ]

The new Museum of Modern Art needs to ad¬dress the role and function of Art in the very city center of Oslo It is a very symbolic role, since it will become the place for the interpretation of both the historical and contemporary reality.  The museum uses its twisted geometry standing on the massive footing to introduce series of event spaces, from landscape to interior exhibition to roofscape, nesting all aspects of art experiences in one move.

Labscape Architecture | 3SOME [ NMAAD ]

Labscape Architecture | 3SOME [ NMAAD ]Facing the water front the massing rises and hover the Peace Nobel buildings announcing its grand entry. Pedestrians are invited into the area through multiple accesses on the landscape, leading to the radial center of the museum lobby. The volume makes a protected plaza under a “canopy” for temporary outside exhibitions. Back stage access is straight forward directed from the high way to the office towers and back of house area in the back.  Inside the Museum the exhibitions are link horizontally and vertically has a continuous spiral.

Labscape Architecture | 3SOME [ NMAAD ]

Labscape Architecture | 3SOME [ NMAAD ]Formation of the geometry starts from first situating the strong movement of the massing. This geometry then provides the common logic for further articulation such as carved spaces or inlaid openings as a synthetic body.

Labscape Architecture | 3SOME [ NMAAD ]Structure Concept

The technology came in the form of self-compacting concrete in which chemical additives are introduced into the concrete mix, significantly increasing its workability without any resultant loss in strength. The project is conceived like a bridge. Sustainable design integrates environmental, economic, and social issues of sustainability together with users’ goals and needs. The NMAAD Museum employs sustainable design to reduce energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, encourage water conservation, and provide high indoor environmental quality.

Location: Oslo, Norway
Architect:  Labscape Architecture
Project name: 3SOME [ NMAAD ] 
Year: 2009
Category: cultural/office
Surface area: 74 840 m²
Status: Competition
Program: National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design / “Vertical” Exhibitions Areas /Restaurant /Bar /Offices /Vaults /Library /Workshop Studios /General services /Auditorium /Parking /Terraces / Government Offices Building /Meeting rooms / Parking /Retails spaces
Client: Statsbygg /National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design [ NMAAD-NMK ]
Design team: Tecla Tangorra / Robert Ivanov / Kee Hyun Ahn / Martin Zangerl / Mo Lai

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