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Lex Pott | Crown Jewels

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Lex Pott | Crown JewelsCoins represent a real versus a nominal value. History shows that ancient coins represent a real value of the material. Currently value is based on agreements. This project shows the transformation of function and value related to the material. Coins are reduced to an outline showing their new value as being jewelry. This everyday object is reshaped and repurposed to create an entirely different item using a small intervention.

Lex Pott | Crown Jewels


Lex Pott | Crown Jewels

Lex Pott | Crown JewelsThe aim of the project is to create a collection of jewelry linked to the tradition of crown jewels that now become accesible to everyone and open the discussion on value of material.

Designer: Lex Pott
Year: 2012
Material: Nordic gold
Dimension: 16 mm and 18 mm

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