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Maurizio Bosa Architect | Dim Sum Restaurant

Architecture Maurizio Bosa Architect | Dim Sum Restaurant

Dim Sum is a restaurant on Florence’s central Via Neri, set on two levels of a building long occupied by an old Tuscan taverna. The clients chose to convert the previous business into a Mediterranean-Asian fusion restaurant that stood out for the quality of its cooking and for its renewed image.

Maurizio Bosa Architect | Dim Sum RestaurantThe space inherited from the old property presented an imperfect layout, lack of brightness and a redundancy of stylistic and decorative elements that lead to an inefficient use of the premises. The design concept was inspired by a reinterpretation of the culinary tradition of the Chinese dim sum, the custom of steam cooking, and the tea ritual, all inextricably linked to a formal hint of small gestures.

Maurizio Bosa Architect | Dim Sum Restaurant

Maurizio Bosa Architect | Dim Sum RestaurantThis idea of purity was driven by a strong predominance of white and, thanks to the new layout, gave back a renewed dimension which itself was obtained with a number of balanced interventions. Upon completion of this foray into minimalism the choice of materials fell on aged pickled-oak for the flooring, and cor-ten steel for all the bespoke furnishings, which were handcrafted for this space.

Location: Via de’ Neri 37/r,  Firenze, Italia
Architect: Maurizio Bosa Architect
Collaborator: Federica Fabbri Architect
Project name: Dim Sum Restaurant
Year: 2012
Collaborator: Federica Fabbri Architect
Photos: Maurizio Bosa, Tommaso Tagliaferri, Giorgio Magini
Client: Dim Sum Restaurant srl
Handcraft furniture: Maurizio Bosa (design), Inoxsardegna (realization)
Wood floor: Energia Natural
Cork lamps: “Coupoles” by Seletti (modified in white version)

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