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Modulus | Six Oaks

Architecture Modulus | Six Oaks

Modulus | Six OaksCreated as a getaway in a heavily wooded site sits a home that strives for a functional, monetary, material, and poetic ‘essentialism’ so as to create nothing extraneous and make opportunity of every element. With recycled shipping containers as a key sustainable and building element, the design and concept culminate in creating a modern, yet rustic home that speaks to the nature and history of the site as an old railroad travel way and also an expression of the homeowners desires and dreams.

Modulus | Six Oaks

Modulus | Six OaksTo be within the home is equally as intriguing as to be outside of it. Every aspect of the 1,200 square foot home, including the bed, kitchen, stairwell, bridge, and outdoor enclosure areas double as livable spaces filtered and crafted from the light and surroundings so as to become opportunities to learn, play, live, and dream within.

Modulus | Six OaksArchitect: Modulus

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