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OKRA | Caspar van Wittelplantsoen

Urban Design OKRA | Caspar van Wittelplantsoen

OKRA | Caspar van WittelplantsoenThe new Park of Caspar Wittelplantsoen plays a central role in the perception of the surrounding neighborhood. It connects the new building of the Soesterkwartier Puntenburgerlaan along with the existing building and acts as a green meeting place for both old and new residents. The ambition is, in a relatively small area, to create an abundance of greenery. Here, the presence of a large amount of new trees and grassy plains are the basis for the design of the park.

OKRA | Caspar van Wittelplantsoen
OKRA | Caspar van WittelplantsoenThe grassy plains give the park a natural, intimate atmosphere and gives rise to the altitude between the central area of the Park Avenue and the Mondrian, one of the established principles in the urban plan. From a functional perspective, it is essential that the internal structure branhes outwards. A clear path network provides both a good east-west connection from the station and the Soesterkwartier Eemcentrum. It creates a proper system that includes the houses located on the park side. The image of these compounds is varied. The curved paths in the east-west direction follow the existing relief while other paths carve through the terrain.

OKRA | Caspar van WittelplantsoenScattered trees throughout the park highlight the desired relaxed atmosphere and will largely determine the identity of the park. Colour is added from the flowers in the main planting strips along the east-west connections. The variation in the selection of highlighted elements creates different areas and represents the annual seasonal experience.

OKRA | Caspar van WittelplantsoenAn important part of the park is a shallow strip of water between the central housing blocks. The water flows down through a number of treading water features. The water in the park gives the appearance of a prime location in which to live and relax and helps reflect the desired high quality and atmosphere of the new park.

OKRA | Caspar van WittelplantsoenIn line with the strip of water, is a meeting place that occupies a central place in the park. The area plays a central role in the establishment of the park. The entire park with its open central space, its grassy plains and water element calls for children to play and use their creativity and endless energy. For younger children play areas are created and decorated by using two existing objects from the Wittelplantsoen.

Location:  Netherlands
Architect: OKRA


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