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osko+deichmann | Plot

Furniture Osko+Deichmann | Plot

Osko+Deichmann | PlotPLOT is a spatial seating landscape for a very wide range of use. Inspired by cascaded formations in nature, “PLOT” provides multiple sitting positions. The unique way of connecting and arranging the identical modules makes it the perfect solution for any space or situation, be it an university setting, a hotel lobby or an airport. By positioning the elements either conventionally or more loosely they always fit perfectly to their surroundings.

Osko+Deichmann | Plot

Osko+Deichmann | PlotThe seat-cushion, the armrest as well as the backrest are designed to function as a seat, thereby the user is free to choose his preferred sitting posture. Different people may use a single module in many different ways enhancing informal communication within a cooperate environment. With a couple of useful add-ons everybody can customize “PLOT” to serve one´s individual needs.

Osko+Deichmann | Plot

Osko+Deichmann | PlotAn exclusive color palette has been created in order to highlight the uniqueness of this versatile piece of furniture. Seat, arm rest and back have been accentuated with three colors forming zones which make “PLOT” inviting to be used. PLOT is the first collaboration between designers osko+deichmann and renowned German object furniture producer Brunner.

Design: osko+deichmann
Producer: Brunner

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