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Peter Ruge Architekten | Passive House “Bruck”

Concept & Competition Peter Ruge Architekten | Passive House "Bruck"

Peter Ruge Architekten | Passive House "Bruck"Peter Ruge Architekten sets new standards of sustainability through the design of “Passive Houses”, currently being built in southern China. With a 95% energy saving over that of a conventional Chinese residential building, the Passive House “Bruck” is the first housing of it’s kind to be realized in the countries damp, warm, southern climate. Construction will start in February 2013. The Passive House “Bruck” is a model apartment complex, consisting of 36 one room staff flats, 6 two room executive suites and 4 three-bedroom model apartments. This design approach plays a central role in the future strategy of recognized Chinese real estate development group Landsea. The company’s plans to establish a research and development centre in Changxing acts to test, improve and implement innovative, energy saving and sustainable building practices in China.

Peter Ruge Architekten | Passive House "Bruck"Peter Ruge Architekten planned model apartments so that Chinese families, interested in the benefits of sustainable housing, could be provided with an opportunity to temporarily reside in the building. Through this direct experience, prospective clients are able to gain their own understanding of passive house living has to offer, as the building demonstrates maximum comfort and quality of residence. This aims to reduce any prior reservations had towards the success of passive house design in extreme weather conditions.

Peter Ruge Architekten | Passive House "Bruck"The local climate has shaped the impression of the facade: triple glazed window units have been specifically used in all private rooms and common areas, whilst fixed sun shading elements protect the glass facade in the warmer half of the year. The closed areas of the highly insulated facade act to protect the building shell from intense sunlight through a screen of coloured terracotta rods.

Peter Ruge Architekten | Passive House "Bruck"

Peter Ruge Architekten | Passive House "Bruck"

Peter Ruge Architekten | Passive House "Bruck"Peter Ruge Architekten, together with their client Landsea, and in cooperation with engineers from the German Passivhausinstitut Dr. Feist, have achieved an important architectural milestone through the design of Passive House “Bruck”, and the successful introduction of sustainable and future-oriented passive house standards to the Chinese residential housing market.

Location: Changxing, Zheijang Province, P.R. China
Architect: Peter Ruge Architekten | Peter Ruge, Kayoko Uchiyama, Matthias Matschewski, Jan Müllender, Alejandra Pérez Siller, Duan Fu
Client: Landsea Europe R&D GmbH
Structural engineering: Shanghai Landsea Building Technology Co. Ltd, Shanghai
Mechanical & Electrical: Shanghai Landsea Architecture Technology Co. Ltd., Shanghai
Thermal structural: Physics Passivhaus Institut Dr. Feist, Darmstadt
Scope of services: Establishing the basis of the project, preliminary design, final design, execution documents (HOAI phase 1, 2, 3, 5)
Size GFA Building: 2.200 sqm
Duration: 2011 – 2013
Completion: 2013

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