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proj3ct | La house

Concept & Competition proj3ct | La house

proj3ct | La houseThis project consisted on adapting a construction volume to the landscape, in a form of a contemplative “plateau” pointed at important visual frames. The house itself is the sum of multiple episodes, attached according to an interior/exterior hierarchy from wich the form is scoped. The functional programme is organized through an “L” shaped volume for intimancy and protection.

proj3ct | La house

proj3ct | La houseEvery major areas are set along its axis distinguishing social from intimancy areas, considering visual relations to specific outdoor highlights and their own nature. While constraining the limits to perceive the outdoors, space and form are drawn to an overall balance, ordering scale and contextualizing openings. The multi-oriented form is then pressed against the terrain slope aligned to the street above. From the street point of view, long and linear façades provides a strong relation to the urban structure.

proj3ct | La houseBecause the terrain is located in a slope, the rooftops are perceived in a similar way to an elevation. At the interior garden, the terrain is raised to a form of plain common ground level. The exterior pavement replicating the zig-zagged shape, the pool as well the walls and vegetation, locks down the geometry into a cohesive habitat.

Location: Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal
Architect: proj3ct
Type: single house
Client: Leandro Barros and Andrea Barros
Gross area: 400 sqm.
Architecture team: João Pedrosa Rodrigues, Tiago França Lopes, Hugo Pinho Santos
Engeneering: gf building
Photography / rendering: rxg3d
Date: 2011
Status: under construction

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