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proj3ct | Re-think Athens

Concept & Competition proj3ct | Re-think Athens

proj3ct | Re-think AthensOne sparkling surface that enclosures all of the dangling shadows. A geometric pattern appears to be evolving beneath our footsteps. Concentric rows of limestone white as chalk guide us through space in anticipation. The ground is set for our wandering eyes, guiding us from a point that cannot be perceived but sensed.

proj3ct | Re-think Athens


proj3ct | Re-think AthensThe image of the pavement is conveniently dimmed with a minimalistic expression, in a way that becomes a moving background to the street view. The vegetation along the streets provides shelter in the shade in close relation to the south and west façades.

proj3ct | Re-think Athens


proj3ct | Re-think AthensAlong with the light poles and the pavement guides, the sequence of Liquidambar trees cuts through the fractal mosaic with precision, reordering the range of movements and flows.

Location: Athens, Greece
Architect: proj3ct
Project name: Re-think athens
Type: international competition for public space design
Client: Onassis foundation
Gross area: 5720.000 sqm.
Photography /rendering: proj3ct
Date : 2012




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