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Studio Marco Piva | Villa on Como Lake

Architecture Studio Marco Piva | Villa On Como Lake

External (3)The project of this villa, situated in the suggestive location of Como Lake (Italy), consisted of the internal and external renovation of the lot and its interior design. The construction was really degraded, completely abandoned, so it was necessary to first restore all hedges, remove and replace the existing roof, the construction of the waterproof layer, removing all the pavement and of the balconies and terraces outside; the conformation of suitable substrates for indoor flooring, and the shaving of all internal and external walls, with demolition of all the boards to construct interior walls of adequate thickness.

Studio Marco Piva | Villa On Como Lake

Studio Marco Piva | Villa On Como LakeThe concept design was developed thinking of a contemporary style and seeking for alternatives to guarantee that the project is developed according to client’s requests and objectives of a villa with and opulent atmosphere, comfort, tranquility. The aim of the design is the harmonization between residence and nature. The key element of the project has been to develop a continuity between the formal structure and its framework, privileging light colors and natural materials in harmony with the surrounding green areas, for a pleasant, cozy and elegant global scene.

Studio Marco Piva | Villa On Como Lake

Studio Marco Piva | Villa On Como LakeThe harmonization between the residence and nature has been done through the use of full length windows. Transparency is the key element of the project and the glass is the material par excellence. ‘Through the windows the project interacts with the environment and takes part in it. Another main element in the design is the light, decisive in the creation of charm and scenery designed to enhance the features of the project.  Even the green, then, was conceived as an architectural element, in its route of stairs, gardens, balconies and window sills.

Studio Marco Piva | Villa On Como Lake

Studio Marco Piva | Villa On Como Lake

Studio Marco Piva | Villa On Como LakeA plain project, elegant, in harmony with nature and the environment that, in the same way, creates harmony and wellbeing itself.  A welcoming, pleasant, scenic and amazing place, where to feel good with themselves, family or friends.

Location: Lake Como, Italy
Architect: Studio Marco Piva
Client: Private
Type of work: Architectural renovation, Lighting, Landscape, Interior Design
Project timing: Pre-concept design: March 2010
Final Concept Design Revision: January 2011
Works: February-September 2011
Area: 532.90 square meters indoor (88.80 underground, 224 floor, first floor 167.80, 54.50 annex), 227.20 square meters of covered outdoor areas


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