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Tresde | Blank n’ White

Interiors Tresde | Blank n' White

Tresde | Blank n' WhiteThis project start as a personal design interior I use white and desaturated tones in order to express simplicity in a very minimalistic environment, playing with the mood using indirect lights and some vintage furniture. As result I achieve a very unique room atmosphere with a nice lighting touch.

Tresde | Blank n' White

Tresde | Blank n' White

Tresde | Blank n' White


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Concrete envelops the building, like weathered skin tanned by Portugal’s climate. The skin has wrinkles and flaws that trap the light. This denotes its strength of character. Below the day zone exposed to air and light, lies an underground family room. It acts as a rest-stop before reaching the bedrooms. The sofa invites us to sit […]