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10 Amazing Interior Apartments in 2014

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According to Google Analytics the most viewed articles in 2014 were the following:

1. Egue y Seta | Loft in Terrassa

Egue y Seta has once again managed to avoid blank solid walls to favour semi-transparent partitions made of greenery as a more sensuous and bland alternative. With their latest project the studio has proven that just about 10 linear meters of walls are more than enough to articulate the more private areas of the house to those meant to welcome and share with the guests. This house with a “lofty” soul and “Green” heart redefine what transparency and spatial openness means to designers and homeowners. [Read more]

Egue y Seta  Loft in Terrassa

2. RRJ Arquitectos | Apartment in Lapa

Situated in one of the neighborhoods with a privileged relationship with the banks of the Tagus River, this building from the beginning of the century.XX is set in a neighborhood with relevant features of architectural value, with an elevation that defines a perfect setting in the historic district where it is inserted. The workshop was proposed to recover the full reconstruction of facades and floor 4, 5 and coverage while retaining the original uses of housing. [Read more]

RRJ Arquitectos  Apartment in Lapa

 3. Z-AXIS DESIGN | The Little White Apartment

Drawing the minimalist line, purchasing the most suitable proportion, to leave the leading role of the space for the user, this is the consistent goal of Z-AXIS DESIGN.The extreme white matchs bright multi-color is the design concept of Z-AXIS DESIGN. In this small apartment, Z-AXIS DESIGN uses some skills to multiply the visual effect, for example: the pure white overall space, the dinner table with one-side legs in the dining room, the light of the hallway, the transparent door of the study room, wrecking a small part of the study room for the master bedroom closet, in the master bedroom, the pure white closet door with glossy design and the elevating wood floor to make a embedded bed, etc. [Read more]

Z-AXIS DESIGN  The Little White Apartment

4.DOS Architects | Ravenscourt Road

DOS Architects has just completed this elegant home extension and refurbishment in West London. Our client’s brief was to open up and extend the lower ground floor whilst also extending the second floor and modernizing the whole of the house. Our intervention included the lowering of the Lower Ground floor whilst also allowing bigger openings towards the rear of the property and therefore increasing the natural light into the building throughout. [Read more]

DOS Architects  Ravenscourt Road

 5. Aleksandar Savikin | Lutovac flat

The apartment is located in a building that was designed by the same author so it was a great pleasure to design such a space. The work is marked by the excellent cooperation with the client who is identified in a concept of an open space and all further cooperation in interior design runs smoothly. Special attention in the design of the apartment is dedicated to getting as many zones in a common area as possible where one may spend free time. [Read more]

Aleksandar Savikin  Lutovac flat

 6. Domenic Alvaro Architect | Small house

Small House is an ultra-compact concrete vertical house that adds to the urban fabric of inner city Surry Hills in Sydney. The site is so small it can fit into the garage of your typical sprawling suburban home (7m x 6m).Small House investigates a new typology in the current urban living space, whilst still reflecting a contemporary lifestyle full of diversity and creativity, all for the cost of a city apartment. [Read more]

Domenic Alvaro Architect  Small house

7. MEMA arquitectos | Apto Rubiano

Having lived for 10 years in a boat, the couple how owns this apartment wanted to have the largest storage capacity possible. Based on the design of ships where every inch has a specific use, we proposed a massive piece of furniture. It occupies a whole side of the apartment, allowing services, his stuff and even a small office hide.he apartment is configured as a single space, containing a kitchen as the heart of the project, a room and a social area. All spaces linked through the piece of furniture at the side supporting these spaces. [Read more]

MEMA arquitectos  Apto Rubiano

8. MORIQ | Duplex Apartment in Lodha, Hyderabad-India

The client had wanted something like authentic classic interiors with opulent feature and focus on carved and detailed work. We argued on keeping the opulence and detailed part in and throw out the authentic classic look out. Logic was in today’s time and the given space..authentic classic will look will out of place(no heights no spaces it just an apartment..mind you and high maintenance and not to mention long execution time and loads of money..we argued rather to give them what they wanted albeit in a more relatively look subtle/modern. [Read more]

MORIQ  Duplex Apartment in Lodha, Hyderabad-India

 9. Nasciturus Design | Grzybowska Apartment

This project is the effect of the work done on the 140 m2 space, which changed into a luxurious interior, becoming an alternative to the impersonal hotel rooms. The guidelines were very clear: it was supposed to be comfortable and elegant. The apartment, located in the downtown area of the city, is at the same time a quiet place for resting and a foyer to the big city fun. The owner knew what to expect from the interior design: it was supposed to be exquisite and functional, so that he could receive clients here, if necessary. [Read more]

Nasciturus Design  Grzybowska Apartment

 10. Tellini Vontobel Arquitetura | AptoPDE

Blessed with a unique, modern and conceptual architecture, architects Evelise Tellini Vontobel and Natasha Tellini Vontobel were hired for a new inspiring project: renovating an apartment in Punta del Este /UY with a fantastic view of the sea. The concept was to create a contemporary space, giving it the feeling of spaciousness and optimizing for visitors. The use of slatted wood walls in the living gave its language, which has integrated all spaces, including a barbecue on the balcony overlooking the city harbor. [Read more]

Tellini Vontobel Arquitetura  AptoPDE

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