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10 Most Extraordinary Hotel Interior Designs

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Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect destination for your holiday, but as always, we’re here for you!

When you go on a trip, you want the best for you and your family, friends. The hotel where you stay is maybe the most important thing on your list even if you don’t always realize it.

It influences your mood, your perception of the country you’re visiting, basically it’s the essence of your trip.

If you’re not sure about where to spend a few days off, we present you a list of the most exceptional hotels around the world that will guarantee you a 100% successful trip!

1. Mr Important Design – W Hotel

We were asked to update the public areas of the hotel for the initial phase of a complete hotel renovation. We took on the “living room”, the restaurant and the rooftop deck in this initial phase. The hotel is used by mix of business and leisure travelers so we were tasked with creating spaces that would be comfortable for both groups. Large stacked shared tables in the living room function as both a place to plug in and meet up as well as a spot for individual or groups to enjoy drinks and food from the bar. [Read more]

2. Foster + Partners – ME Hotel

ME LondonThe ME Hotel – the first flagship hotel in which everything, from the shell of the building to the bathroom fittings has been designed by Foster + Partners – has opened in London. An elegant fusion of interior and exterior design, the scheme completes the grand sweep of buildings that make up the Aldwych Crescent, repairing the urban grain and restoring a little lost glamour to the heart of the West End. [Read more]

3. Concrete Architectural Associates – W Hotel

Concrete Architectural Associates - W HotelThere is more to London than the obvious tourist attractions. Ultimately you’ll get the chance to see the city from within. We’d like to show you the real London and what true Londoners are about. A public and private tour guides you through the day and night life of a quintessential Englishman and woman. We follow the transition of a classic businessman in the morning to a dancing star on the bar at night, and imagining everything in between. [Read more]

4. Altreforme – Art Hotel

ART-HOTELaltreforme has been chosen to furnish with its sophisticated products the unique spaces of the Art Hotel, a 4 stars hotel located in Rochecorbon, which boasts of a wonderful waterfront location in the Valley of the Loire. [Read more]

5. Studio MHNA – Agora Swiss Night Hotel

Agora Swiss Night HotelA new hotel project in Lausanne for Studio Hertrich & Adnet with the refurbishment and decoration of the atypical and mythical Agora Hotel, created in the 1970’s by renowned Swiss hoteliers, the Fassbind family … George, the father, a determined and precursory man dared to create this hotel, but like many creations of that time, the Agora Hotel had run its course… Today Eric, the son, has wished to go back to the drawing board and move towards a completely new offer: the idea was to introduce to his short stay guests (Lausanne is a gateway city for international guests, musicians, sports stars …) a contemporary look at a certain kind of Switzerland and today’s Switzerland, with a strong identity, “willing” and funny. [Read more]

6. DIALOG – Emblem Hotel

Emblem HotelBy internationally-renowned Interior Designer Alison McNeil, the Emblem is an one-of-a-kind hospitality experience in the Old Town of Prague, next to Kafka’s former home. The results for what is to be the first of a new brand of European boutique hotels, draws inspiration from sources as diverse as the Avant Guarde, Futurism, Art Deco, and Bauhaus. [Read more]

7. Concrete Architectural Associates – Canal House Hotel

Canal House HotelThe concept of the Canal House has been to build a luxury boutique hotel which offers all the service you expect from a five star plus hotel combined with the welcoming and warm feeling you get from a home. The aim was to create a true home away from home, in a house which you could use nearly as if it would be your own. Next to the individual rooms the guests have the opportunity to stay in the living room, the parlor room with a house bar, the garden and even in the kitchen according to their needs and mood. [Read more]

8. Marcel Wanders Studio – Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht

Andaz_Amsterdam_Prinsengracht_HotelAndaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht has honoured the Japanese artist Meiro Koizumi with the Andaz Award for his video art piece Defect in Vision, 2011. The work, acquired by the Mind’s Eye; a partnership of Paul Geertman and Marcel Wanders, will be donated to the Stedelijk Museum and De Hallen Haarlem in shared ownership to be included in their collections. It is the first time that the hotel has granted the Andaz Award and is part of the hotel’s co-operation with Art Rotterdam Projections, the primary fair for video art in the Netherlands. An independent jury consisting of Xander Karskens – conservator at De Hallen Haalem, Bart Rutten – curator at the Stedelijk Museum and Nick Pritzker – representative of Hyatt, selected the winning piece. [Read more]

9. CMV Architects – Barcelo Raval Hotel

Barcelo Roval HotelThe Barcelo Raval Hotel has become one of the most representative buildings of Barcelona in a few years. It is located in the heart of the city, within Raval district, one of the most modern areas of the Catalan capital. The hotel was built as an elliptical construction, made up from two basements, a ground floor and ten high-rise floors. The project was born with some specific volumes marked by “PERI” of Raval in Barcelona, and all the attention goes in the direction of the axes of the elliptical plant. In the same way, depending on the direction from which it is seen, the building is perceived in a more or less volumetric way. [Read more]

10. Sanjay Puri Architects – Chrome Hotel

Chrome HotelFacing a busy arterial road of the city and flanked by commercial buildings on either side with a residential building at the rear, this small plot for a business hotel had a height limitation of 24 m. The hotel is planned in eight levels with public spaces occupying the first three levels and four levels of rooms above with a rooftop lounge bar on the topmost floor. Since there was nothing in the surroundings to look out to at the lower levels, the entire volume comprising of the public spaces and the vertical circulation is punctuated by small 45 cm diameter circular openings. [Read more]


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