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10 Restaurants with Ingenious Designs You Have to Visit!

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Tired of the same old boring decor when you go out for a late night dinner? Are you a traveller and don’t know where to stop for a quick bite? We have the solution for you!

We present to you the best restaurants with mind blowing interior design from across the world to make your evening a memorable one. You can be sure you will never forget these exquisite places, the mix of feelings and sensations these spaces generate.

Don’t settle for ordinary, have a fine dining experience!

1. Bluarch | Innuendo Restaurant and Bar | New York, USA

Bluarch - Innuendo Restaurant and Bar - New York, USAInnuendo is a restaurant in Port Washington (New York) offering a contemporary American menu with influences from Mediterranean, French, and Asian cuisines. This project is conceptually linked to the notions of self-similarity and non-differentiability descending from the fractal definition of a geometry versus its topological essence. The ceiling installation is a three-dimensional, cloud-like, organic formation of 1/2”-square by 6-inch poplar members organized to shelter the occupants in a soft, shifting, ever-fluid space. [Read more]

2. El equipo creativo | Pakta restaurant | Barcelona, Spain

El equipo creativo - Pakta restaurant - barcelona, spainAfter the success of the restaurant Tickets and the cocktail lounge 41º, the tandem formed by Albert and Ferran Adria and the Iglesias bothers has once again counted on El Equipo Creativo to design their latest gastronomic project: Pakta Restaurant. A small locale was chosen in the same area close to the Avenida Paralelo in Barcelona, on the slope going up towards the Mercat de la Flors and Montjuic Park. The novelty is in the gastronomic offer, based on the nikkei Peruvian – Japanese cuisine and, of course, the design of the space, which, as in previous projects by Oliver Franz Schmidt and Natali Canas del Pozo, is a reflection of the gastronomic concept. [Read more]

3. Mr. Important Design | Alegra | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Mr. Important Design – Alegra - dubai, united arab emiratesMister Important Design is an interior design firm that brings an ebullient perspective to interiors. Specializing in hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, bars and lounges, Mister Important Design works closely with clients to achieve interiors that exceed expectations. Exuberant interors that are designed to be remembered and talked about. [Read more]

4. Ippolito Fleitz Group | Not guilty restaurant | Zurich, Switzerland

Ippolito Fleitz Group - Not guilty restaurant - Zurich, SwitzerlandThe Swiss restaurant chain “not guilty” is the embodiment of honest and nutritious foods, imaginatively prepared into many different salads and snacks. The downtown Zurich location, opened in 2013, is now the 3rd location of the “not guilty” expansion to have opened. In this flagship locale, the philosophy of a “little heaven on Earth” is expressed in the store’s interior, inspiring those within to delight in the harmony of nature. [Read more]

5. El equipo creativo | Ikibana restaurant | Barcelona, Spain

El equipo creativo - Ikibana restaurant - barcelona, spainThe Ikibana restaurant offers a fusion of Japanese and Brazilian gastronomies, two cultures that seem so antagonistic: quiet and minimalist the first, exuberant and bustling the second. One of the biggest conceptual challenges during the design of the restaurant was finding shared singularities between these two cultures. Being a great challenge, it also became the leitmotif of the project, as we discovered that the landscape was an extremely important element in both cultures, and we decided to extol this element in the design of the space and create an artificial landscape. [Read more]

6. YOD Design Lab | Restaurant “Odessa” | Kiev, Ukraine

YOD Design Lab - Restaurant “Odessa” - kiev, ukraineKyiv people have known the “Odessa” Restaurant since 1962. But the new time demands new rules. And today the same good, old, cosy “Odessa” invites guests, though in a completely new format. Odessa is a rather original city, with its inexpressible ethnic flavour and centuries-old history, which is located at the seaside of the Black Sea in the South of Ukraine. You can truly understand and come to love Odessa only once you have visited it. This is why we didn’t aim at simply reproducing the spirit of this unique city. Instead, we were trying to identify invisible associative links through which the bright image of the place would be formed. [Read more]

7. 07BEACH | Ramen Bar Suzuki | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

07BEACH - Ramen Bar Suzuki - Ho Chi Minh City, vietnamBefore starting design, the client specifically did not request so much. A few requests were, simply they wanted a cool restaurant above all, and its basis was a specialty restaurant of Tonkotsu Ramen (Pork soup Noodle). It is not easy to make just vaguely cool restaurant. So firstly I started to look for a main direction of the design. And I conceived of using Tonkotsu Ramen (Pork soup noodle) itself, which is popular but is far from the image of cool, as interior motifs to establish a cool Ramen restaurant. [Read more]

8. Imagine Native Ltd. | Haiku Sushi | Shanghai, China

Haiku Sushi IFCThe new Haiku Sushi is located at the open courtyard of the recently completed Shanghai International Finance Center.  We utilize the concept of origami as the major driven force throughout the design. The restaurant space is sub divided in different zones, sushi bar, drinking bar, two main dining areas, booth seating and tatami rooms. Each zone is formed by an origami feature, which is constructed by colors and different materials, such as perforated aluminum composite panels, translucent stone panels and linen fabrics. With different lighting effects, each zone will have its own spatial character.  These different zones in the restaurant are also tied by an origami suspended ceiling from the entrance to the VIP rooms at the end of the shop. It unifies these feature zones and creates a spatial transition throughout the restaurant. [Read more]

9. SHH | National Railway Museum restaurant | UK

SHH - National Railway Museum restaurant - ukSHH has completely redesigned the National Railway Museum’s hospitality offer, following a commission by long-term client Levy Restaurants, the sports, leisure and hospitality division of Compass Group UK & Ireland, which provides catering services at the museum. The radical revamp involved the rebadging and redesign of the popular York attraction’s two main restaurants, as well as creating a third new offer in an external, courtyard space. The re-designed restaurants are The Dining Car, a 450 sq m restaurant situated in the Grade II-listed Station Hall and The Mallard Café.DeliBakery (named in honour of the beautiful art deco 1930s Mallard locomotive, a star attraction of the museum): a 310 sq m space located in the more modern section of the museum, the Great Hall. The brand new external area is The Container Café, which is made up of four industrial transportation containers, together with loose courtyard seating and three further adapted, open-sided containers offering semi-covered seating. [Read more]

10. Reiulf Ramstad Architects | Trollwall Restaurant | Møre og Romsdal, Norway 

Reiulf Ramstad Architects - Trollwall Restaurant - Møre og Romsdal, NorwayIt’s a new cursor at the foot of the Troll Wall; The architecture of the new visitors`center next to E139 is an outcome of the sites` close connection to the impressive mountain wall, Europe’s tallest vertical, overhanging rock face in The Romsdal Valley. The Romsdal valley has some of the tallest, sheerest cliffs in Europe and is a popular place for BASE jumping including “birdmen” jumping off cliffs in Wingsuits! This location allows for an exciting setting for the new service- and information center. [Read more]

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