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15 Amazing Hotels and Destinations to Travel in 2015

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When you choose where to spend the holidays, you think about it like an unforgettable journey.

It can be a place with a wide range of family-friendly leisure and entertainment options, with swimming pool, gym, a spa area and massage rooms, or it can be a place with an aristocratic style where you can discover different traditions and customs.

Above all, you expect to find there modern amenities, comfort and style, hospitality, breathtaking views: in three words, a unique experience!

Here are 15 places where you can take a break of work, with seaside view or natural landscape.

Mostra Black by Studio Guilherme Torres
Location:  Mostrablack, Brazil

The starting point was to imagine what it would be like to reside in one of those towers, which are designed for corporate use. That idea led the architects to create an oasis of comfort and style right in the heart of urban chaos, baptized Hotel Black. Cool, sustainable and absolutely snug and cozy, the bamboo – with none of its eastern folklore – plays a central role in the project.

Mostra Black

Mostra Black (4)
Mostra Black (3)
Hôtel de Sèze by Peyroux & Thisy
Location: Paris, France

A quiet spot for getting away from it all, yet right in the heart of where it’s all happening, the Hôtel de Sèze’s four stars shine brightly to offer you a dream of a break.

Hôtel de Sèze (5)

Hôtel de Sèze

Hôtel de Sèze (3)
Hôtel de Sèze (2)
Hôtel de Sèze (4)
The Square Nine Hotel by Isay Weinfeld
Location: Belgrade, Serbia

On the ground level, the common area are ample and integrated, such as the lobby, the restaurant and a little piazza witch succeed one another. On the basement level, a swimming pool haloed by a beam of natural light is succeeded by a gym, spa and sauna, while on the top floor a small bar overlooks the square across the street. The rooms are split into 3 categories – 32 m2 or 47 m2 double room, and 90 m2 suites – taking up 5 levels of the building and totaling 45 units. Each floor features a different hall adjacent to the lifts, with unique and unexpected pieces of furniture.

The Square Nine Hotel (2)

The Square Nine Hotel (5)

The Square Nine Hotel (4)

The Square Nine Hotel (3)

Aristocrat Suite Room of Empire Hotel by AS Design Service Limited
Location: Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Using black as the sole color, designers integrated seven elements including wooden surface made with special techniques, velvet wallpaper, crystalline marble, fabric, glass, steel, and floor mat, to create “a sense of Black Elegance”. The room represents the aristocratic style and poise of the “Empire”, customers could indulge in the extravaganza “in the dark”.

Aristocrat Suite Room of Empire Hotel (3)

Aristocrat Suite Room of Empire Hotel (2)

Aristocrat Suite Room of Empire Hotel

Spa Marina Luz Hotel by Jordi Herrero
Location: Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Hotel Marina Luz is in front the sea. It has a terrace on the ground floor, where the pool is located, and a terrace on the first floor as a solarium over the reception and cafeteria. Is on the solarium terrace where the hotel company decided to place a small building to complement the offer, especially for winter. The program includes a small gym, a spa area and two massage rooms, as during spring and autumn come many cycling groups.




Suite Novotel by Constance Guisset
Location: Hague, The Netherlands

Thinking the hotel as a home. Bringing everyday comfort to a public place. Offering open spaces to share. Suggesting intimacy, inviting the host to let be enveloped by seats, lighting and objects. Making them familiar.

Suite Novotel

Suite Novotel (2)

Suite Novotel (3)

Oriental Legazpi by WTA Architecture + Design Studio
Location: Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines

The design program called for an ultra modern contemporary hotel that takes note of the site as a place of fond nostalgic memories and breathtaking views. The idea was to create by making only positive interventions and additions we pay homage to and embrace this site of memory. The opportunity to create a crystalline palace was evident in the structural framework of the existing building. From the outside hotel’s luminous, airy quality, accented by white-washed walls stands out in stark contrast to verdant greens and blue skies. This is then underlined by retaining strips of the existing cyclopean volcanic rock walls.

Oriental Legazpi

Oriental Legazpi (2)

Oriental Legazpi (3)

Rural Tourism Pé no Monte by [i]da arquitectos
Location: Monte Novo da Cruz, Odemira, Portugal

Located on the Alentejo Coast, the Monte Novo da Cruz is a rural property with about 10 ha strongly characterized by a gently undulating land with slopes sometimes relevant. The presence of a curtain of high trees along the south-eastern perimeter of the site and a dense vegetation near a south-western stream stand out in the landscape. The main challenges of the project were to preserve the prominence of the original house, to maintain the formal and material simplicity, to enhance the natural features of the place and, at the same time, to meet the demands of the new program, a Rural Tourism.

Rural Tourism Pé no Monte

Rural Tourism Pé no Monte (2)

Rural Tourism Pé no Monte (4)
Rural Tourism Pé no Monte (3)
Lamu House Hotel by UrkoSanchez Architects
Location: Lamu, Kenia

The main part of the hotel is an 18th century home and the rest is new construction, a combination which completely integrates the island feel and its surroundings. Inspired by Swahili architecture but also by 21st century Western influence, especially Spanish. Lamu House is meant to give clients a sense of living naturally in an old-world atmosphere. That ancient tradition of design and hospitality allows people to dream, to experience Lamu as it was meant to be.






Guanahani Hotel by Luis Pons D-LAB
Location: Grand Cul-de-Sac on St. Barts, French West

The design of the hotel translates colonial style by searching lightness and comfort, preserving the sense of memory and traditional craftsmanship. Lightness and comfort define the journey of the smart, sophisticated and adventures traveler. Each room has a story to tell and it is unified by history, gestures of welcoming and comfort.








Coppersmith Hotel by HASSELL
Location: Melbourne, Australia

The brief for the Coppersmith Hotel was simple: deliver a contemporary hotel and hospitality destination while preserving an historic landmark in South Melbourne, Australia. The landmark was the old Cricket Club Hotel, first licensed in 1870. Reborn as the Coppersmith, it is now a boutique hotel with 15 guestrooms, a gastronomic bar and dining room and a rooftop retreat. “At the Coppersmith Hotel, we had to appeal to local people who knew and loved the historic building and travellers who demand modern amenities in a comfortable guestroom,” said Susan Standring, HASSELL Principal.




Resorts World Sentosa West Zone by DP Architects Pte Ltd
Location: Sentosa West Zone, Singapore

West Zone offers an amplification of what makes the integrated resort so exciting – a wide range of family-friendly leisure and entertainment options that are truly unique in Singapore. While the existing Central Zone and Universal Studios Singapore bring world-class amenities and attractions, West Zone’s aquatic theme brings a combination of edu-tainment, leisure, hospitality and resort-style amenities to what is already one of Singapore’s most exciting and diverse attractions.

Resorts World Sentosa West Zone (5)

Resorts World Sentosa West Zone (4)

Resorts World Sentosa West Zone

Resorts World Sentosa West Zone (6)

Resorts World Sentosa West Zone (3)

Resorts World Sentosa West Zone (7)

Notarishuys by Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects
Location: Diksmuide, Belgium

A 300 years old beech tree determines the atmosphere inside and outside throughout the season. Hotel “Notarishuys” is an expansion for an existing restaurant. The inner space consist out of two wings which give access each to two suites. The centre consists out of a breakfast space and the access towards a common sauna. The suites are created around a central box that incorporates all technical requirements of the room and separates the sleeping zone from the open bathroom.


Notarishuys (2)

Notarishuys (4)

Notarishuys (3)

In the Painting by Brani & Desi
Location: Bulgaria

The basic concept of this space is the converting of the flat surfaces – walls, ceiling – into a three-dimensional sculpture. The entire hotel room looks like a painting – lines, geometric figures and colors are the indispensable parts, creating surprising and imaginary effect. The utilization of glass highlights the glamor of changing lines.




The Fullerton Bay Hotel by DP Architects Pte Ltd
Location: Singapore

The Fullerton Bay Hotel is jointly a conservation and new construction effort to redevelop a segment of the historic Marina Bay waterfront, a project consisting of the revitalization of the Clifford Pier and Customs House buildings as well as the design of an additional six-storey hotel block. The project has focused on the intersections between new and old, preserving existing structures in a manner respectful of the site’s original architectural elements, and detailing connections to unify the Customs House, Clifford Pier, and contemporary hotel block as a legible and functional whole.

The Fullerton Bay Hotel

The Fullerton Bay Hotel (4)

The Fullerton Bay Hotel (2)

The Fullerton Bay Hotel (3)

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