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15 Shops with Original Designs to Spend Your Money


Do you feel like shopping? Got some money and don’t know where to spend them?

We’ve got the perfect places for you to go!

These amazing stores feature a variety of designs. We’ve got eco shops with plants crawling on the walls inside, hipster stores with shoes hanging from the ceiling and of course, we couldn’t miss Zaha’s typical futuristic design.

They say shopping is the best therapy and in these places it most definitely is!

Grab your wallet and start spending some quality money!

1.Campaign – Dr. Martens Pop-Up Store


The stringent brief from Dr. Martens required the design of the pop-up store to be replicate-able in any city in the world using materials that would be easy to assemble and source, and be very low cost. In addition, the design had to be unique as well as reflect the brand. [Read more]

2.Zaha Hadid Architects – Neil Barrett ‘Shop in Shop’


The ‘Shop in Shop’ concept for Neil Barrett is based on a singular, cohesive project that is divided into sixteen separate pieces. Specific pieces have then been selected and installed into each of the four Neil Barrett Shop in Shop’s in Seoul, and also into the Hong Kong shop; creating a unique display landscape within each store. Each separate element acts a as piece in a puzzle of the original ensemble, ensuring each shop maintains a relationship to the defined whole and with the other Neil Barrett Shop In Shop locations. [Read more]

3.i29 – interior architects – SPRMRKT


On 20th september the first batch of brand new second hand furniture will be presented in a pop-up shop in Amsterdam during a festive launch party. For this occasion, i29 interior architects designed an installation to present the new AsGoodAsNew furniture label. Four years ago Gummo, i29 interior architects and Krimpex joined forces to create the recycled office. Furnished entirely with recycled and reclaimed furniture. It was a sensation on- and offline, so a lot of praise and a few awards later, we’ve now decided to make a range of brand new second hand furniture available to the public. [Read more]

4.Fran Silvestre Arquitectos – Vegamar Selección Wine Shop


Vegamar Selección Wine Shop, located on the main shopping street of town, is a space for wine tasting and sales. The project aims to transmit the quality of the exposed products, as well as to maximize the feeling of amplitude inside the shop. Dark, glossy panels are chosen for vertical surfaces. Due to their tone and reflections, they blur the spatial limits of the establishment, making it seem bigger than what it really is. [Read more]

5.Vertical Garden Design – Replay Store


Although as with any indoor garden, the plants themselves are of  mostly of tropical origin to do well in the indoor climate. The overall picture is a soft, yet dense and fresh greenery, with some small-flowering plants like lanterns on top of the darker background. [Read more]

6.Architrend Architecture – Primopiano Store


The overall design process, from the thoughts and design plan at the initial stage to the construction of a high-quality and valuable building, takes catering for the client’s demands of the location and environment as a starting point, which are all reflected in the design process. [Read more]

7.SAQ – Ferrer Store


The assets of this multi-brand fashion store are based on both the singularity and exclusivity of the exposed collections and accessories.  Each season-break is a period of thorough selection for a boutique that seeks unique fashion pieces, both excellent and sophisticated as adventurous and experimental. [Read more]

8.AS Design Service Limited – Umix


When two or more opinions and ideas occur simultaneously without causing contradictions, we call this compatibility phenomenon, coexistence, mutual tolerance and ideology compatibility. [Read more]

9.Sergio Mannino Studio – Vintage Star store


The recently opened Vince Camuto concept stores were derived from the visions of Sergio Mannino, Italian Architect with Studio in New York, and Vince Camuto, owner and CEO of the Camuto Group. [Read more]

10.Slade Architecture – Buzzer Beater


Buzzer Beater is a high-end consignment store in New York’s Greenwich Village that specializes in rare sneakers and apparel.  There is no back-inventory – everything on display has its own unique history. We designed the store to reflect the nature of its eclectic and highly personal inventory. [Read more]

11.Torafu Architects – Papabubble Lumine Est Shinjuku


We performed the interior design for papabubble, a Spanish candy artisan, which opened a small art-candy-store on a tiny 10m2 lot inside the concourse of the JR Shinjuku station. The inside of a station, with a high traffic volume, colorful signs and rows of stores lined up on a tiny strip of real estate, etc., is a peculiar environment in which we were tasked to create a store that would not only stand out, but also allow the brand image to be easily recognizable. [Read more]

12.Architrend Architecture – Arpel store 2010


Located in a shopping street between the center and the periphery of this large store is a typical architectural approach to the subject of construction of interior spaces for sale. We then designed a device architecture, a real building that fits on the ground floor of a ten-storey building, featuring external façade through the use of large windows placed without interruption for the both the prospects of the store. [Read more]

13.Iosa Ghini Associati – Faraone Jewellery Shop


The concept behind the new Faraone Jewellery Shop in Milan, Via Montenapoleone was carried out by architect Massimo Iosa Ghini.

It was inspired by an idea of preciousness characterized by symbolic pieces that envelop and outline the space in order to provide refined and elegant display opportunities. [Read more]

14.Input Creative Studio – ES Clothing Retail Shop


The design for ES expands on elements implemented in the store’s predecessor. The juxtaposition of natural elements versus manmade materials, references the concept of an abandoned factory that is consumed by nature. An ivy wall pays homage to the original store and demonstrates the harmonious impact of nature taking over a manmade environment. Custom murano glass chandeliers also play upon the contrast of man versus nature. [Read more]

15.X-TU Architects – Patrick Roger Shop


X-tu architects had the task of manifesting an architectural space that captured the core of chocolatier Patrick Roger. His edible sculptures explore the delicious material as a medium of state change. [Read more]

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