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32 Inch TV Dimensions: Width, Height and Depth

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One particular TV size that has gained significant popularity among households is the 32-inch television. Its versatility and compactness make it ideal for a tight-spaced bedroom and living room. Selecting a suitable 32-inch TV requires thoughtful consideration of several factors.

This article explores the 32 inch TV dimensions and helps highlight the importance of TV measurements. Read on to know the range of factors to consider when selecting the perfect television.

Dimensions of a 32-Inch TV

Having a clear comprehension of TV dimensions by size is essential when it comes to seamlessly incorporating Tvs into specific areas within our homes.

Due to the influx of different 32″ TV models available in the market, it’s essential to be aware of the differences in their depths, heights, and widths.

1. Actual Dimensions


When discussing the dimensions of a 32-inch TV, we usually refer to the TV screen size – the diagonal measurement that does not include the bezel and stand.

However, there is no way you can quickly figure out the actual physical size by just this number.

The actual size is smaller. A 32-inch TV has average dimensions as follows:

  • Width – 28 inches
  • Height – 16.5 inches
  • Depth – 3 inches

The height and depth increase when the stand is connected to the TV.

2. How is It Measured

You can measure the width of a 32-inch TV by placing a measuring instrument horizontally on the TV screen. Make sure to include the physical frames.

Similarly, the accurate height is taken by vertically positioning the carpenter’s rule from the top frame to the bottom edge. However, when you are in the appliance shop, simply skim the manual to see the exact width and height.

3. With/Without Stand


The depth and height of the 32-inch TV automatically increase when the stand is added. Therefore, it is crucial to take this into account when designing a space for the TV. Add at least 7–9 inches of leeway to accommodate the stand.

Failure to do so may result in compromising the safety of the TV. Even worse, it renders the space useless as the size of a 32-inches TV with a stand does not fit in.

Specific Dimensions of a 32-inch TV


While the general screen dimension mentioned earlier may give you a rough idea of the size of a 32-inch TV, specific models from different manufacturers may have slightly different dimensions.

Here is a specific TV size guide of a few popular 32-inch TV brands and models you may be interested in:

Brand Best For Condition Dimensions (Inches)
Width Height Depth
Samsung QN32Q60CAFXZA (Q60C) 32-inch smart TV With Stand 28.6 18.8 6.1
Without Stand 16.8 1.2
Samsung The Frame 32-inch best design With Stand 28.7 17.8 5.63
Without Stand 16.51 1
TCL 32-inch Roku Smart LED TV – 32S327 Affordability With Stand 28.8 19.1 7.1
Without Stand 17.1 3
Vizio D32h-D1 (US) Balanced feature and price With Stand 28.76 19.11 7.87
Without Stand 17.14 2.55
‎Toshiba WK3C Affordability (UK) With Stand 28.2 18.6 7.2
Without Stand 16.9 3.4
LG LM6300 Balanced design and feature With Stand 28.98 18.27 7.09
Without Stand 17.20 82.9
Hisense 32A4GT(UK) Affordability With Stand 28.23 18.46 3.26
Without Stand 16.85 3.39

How to Choose the Right Size TV for Your Space?

Aside from just following the TV sizing guidelines, there are several crucial factors to consider.

  • Size of the room,
  • Available viewing distance
  • Screen resolution
  • Aspect ratio (width x length)

Carefully evaluating these elements brings in the perfect TV model that complements your space.

A 32-inch TV is ideal for smaller areas like kitchens, bedrooms, and home offices. Positioning it at the proper distance is also essential, considering the chosen TV’s resolution.

4K Ultra HD is widely favored in terms of resolution because of its exceptional quality. However, the emerging 8K resolution is also rapidly gaining immense popularity in the market.

Furthermore, opt for a widescreen or 16:9 aspect ratio, as it is highly preferred and compatible with all the latest TV models.

1. Ideal Viewing Distance


When determining where to position your 32-inch TV, it’s essential to consider the TV size by distance. Its programmed screen resolution influences the optimal viewing range for this Tv dimension.

  • Experts recommend a range of 6 to 2.0 multiplied by its diagonal size.
  • Meanwhile, the optimal TV viewing distance is 1.8 multiplied by the diagonal screen size.

In the case of Sony and Panasonic brands, they have a twist in their formula. They suggest the following to get the viewing distance:

  • 480p or Standard Definition (SD) TV – 6 times the vertical size (height)
  • High Definition (HD) and Full-High Definition – 3 times the vertical screen size
  • 4K – 1.5 multiplied by the vertical size of the screen.

Refer to the table below to determine the ideal viewing distance based on the TV screen size and resolution.

2. Benefits of Choosing a 32-inch TV

Choosing a 32-inch flat-screen TV offers several benefits, so it is the most sought-after size for European people. Here are some of them:



You can buy a 32-inch Smart Tv with a high-end feature at an affordable price compared to larger TV sizes. It allows you to enjoy a quality viewing experience without having to shell out a large amount of money.

Energy Efficiency


Smaller TVs generally consume less energy, making a 32-inch monitor screen TV a more economically-friendly choice and helping you save on energy bills. The average electric consumption by this screen size is 28W when turned on and 0.7W when on standby.

Space Efficiency

Buying a 32-inch Tv does not require wide spaces. You can simply place it in any area as long as the stand fits on a stable surface. This property makes it ideal for smaller rooms where space may be limited.

Picture Quality


The 32-inch TV is now equipped with high-resolution images and smart features compared to televisions a decade ago. The function is advanced, like the bigger version stacked in smaller screen sizes.



This small-sized, slim, designed TV effortlessly adapts to any tight room or can be mounted easily to walls. It is versatile enough and allows flexible placement and positioning for perfect viewing angles.


The size range and brand of a 32-inch TV dimensions is just the beginning of discovering the feature of a television. However, to truly appreciate it, you must dissect the various factors which boost its performance.

Doing so ensures seamless TV fitting in the designated space and delivers an immersive viewing experience. Moreover, by studying the unique properties and benefits of different 32-inch TV models, you will surely find the right one to enhance your place.


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