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5 Inspiring Garden Ideas for Your Home


We know sometimes it can get really hard to organize your space or to simply make a change because you’re bored of the same sceneray.

That’s why today we are here to give you a little help.

Today is about nature! If you have a garden at home and don’t know what to do with it, you’ve come to the right place!

We gathered some of the best design ideas for your garden for you to make your personal space a more pleasant experience.

Let’s make those nights with your friends in the backyard as good as we can!

1. MyLandscapes LTD – LED light strips in a Highbury courtyard

highb2This end of terrace courtyard was dominated by an enormous back wall and a tall palm tree on the left. Yet it also had inspirational Italian owners and a fabulous collection of some mature architectural plants. I decided to retain all the plants in their positions as I felt this was an integral fabric of the garden. Only one plant was to be removed – an overgrown Viburnum in the right corner – to be replaced with a beautiful multi-stem bronzed trunk Tibetan Cherry. Coincidentally, retaining the plants enabled a diagonal design to be implemented, which meanders through the trees. [Read more]

2. Topiaris – Garden in Comporta

JM_Topiaris_Comporta_051The garden is located on the southwest coast of Portugal, in Herdade da Comporta, Alentejo, which is an outstanding and diverse landscape mosaic with high ecological and cultural value. It is worth mentioning the dune system with psammophilous pioneer vegetation, as well as maritime and umbrella pine woods. This mosaic is complemented by agricultural areas in the lower alluvial soils with large ranges of rice fields. The plot area is 3000m2, and the morphology of the land is very smooth and low sloped. [Read more]

3. Saffron Interior Arts – Glass in the Garden

Saffron-Interior-Arts-glass-intallation-3-high-resShattered glass is proving to be a popular effect for large landscaping elements in contemporary residential and commercial projects. Created by glass artisan George Papadopoulos who is represented by Saffron Interior Arts, these innovative sculptural installations – such as a 2.5-metre x 40cm panel in a London garden – are particularly suited to being located outdoors. [Read more]

4. Vertical Garden Design – Natura Tower

NT-EXTERIOR-1This garden wraps around three sides of the square, facing south, east and north. The surface has several openings, doors and shop windows, and goes along two sets of stairs that connect the square with the upper- and lower levels. These openings and irregularities creates an interesting surface as it integrates several functions and invites the visitors to come close. [Read more]

5. Dom Arquitectura – Würth La Rioja Museum Gardens

22The main idea was to project an argument that would permit it to be the same site that would supply the patterns of intervention, bringing out their morphological, topographical and topological conditions and forms of the new landscape. [Read more]


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