Affonso Risi Architect | Beach House at Ponta do Pulso (Pulso Beach)


The main building, a two floor pentagon plan pavilion (258,80 m²/2 784 ft²), is almost entirely surrounded by the sea.


The plan allows disposing 4 bedrooms upstairs opened as verandas to the sea landscape. The fifth vertex is an open space two stories high. The entire ground floor is also designed as a veranda with sliding glass doors.






Servant spaces (kitchen, fireplace, bathrooms, closets, stairs) are in the center of each face of the polygon and also contain the reinforced concrete structural elements and pipes, allowing the five cantilevered vertex of the house.

The entire design is controlled by the Golden Section and the Fibonacci Series.

There are two other pavilions as well: a square plan for employees and another one for guests near the swimming pool.

Location: Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brazil
Architect: Affonso Risi Architect
Collaborator: arch. Willian T.S.Miyagui
Builder: eng. Lineu Botta de Assis
Photographer: Paulo Risi