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altreforme carries on a shaping and functional research to propose to the contemporary design world new and high personality products and projects in aluminum, showed at the Superstudio Più  with the installation Challenging Aluminum.

After having challenged the most daring aluminum shapes with the collection of limited edition products designed by Aziz Sariyer, distinguished by curves and sinuosity never realized before, and after having reproduced with the monza mirror, design Valentina Fontana, the famous circuit’s curves, altreforme investigates the textures of this material and puts its expertise at the disposal of Marco Piva, proposing itself as the first and the only reference to anyone who desires to realize made to measure aluminium solutions, characterized by shapes’ perfection, functionality and aesthetical refinement.

altreforme introduces at the Temporary Museum For New Design  two interesting novelties: the exploration of original aluminum textures and finishes for the new collection district by Marco Piva and the line called altreforme sartoria, conceived for made to measure production.

The collection and the installation designed by Marco Piva, enhances the thousand faces of this material creating a catchy setting. The purpose is to give a new value to the aluminum: even though declined in different shade of colors, its surface is neither covered nor hidden by the color and the metal is visible, the undisputed protagonist.

The installation does not show only a collection of products but a unique expertise: the capability in aluminum processing, from shape to surface.

This know-how is well rendered in altreforme sartoria, made to measure service addressed to architects, interior designers and contractors where altreforme develops, as in a sophisticated atelier, projects and products upon request with unexpected shapes and surfaces, also in unique exemplaries. altreforme sartoria applies raw material, cutting edge processes and production technologies, developed by Fontana Group in more than 50 years of experience in the automotive field, with creativity and functionality on a sophisticated and challenging material.

altreforme confirms its continuous research and experimentation with a challenging and sustainable material as aluminium, in new shapes and in new surfaces, creating new settings and styles of living.

An excellence of the made in Italy, leader in the aluminum shaping meets a designer with an international talent, curious interpreter of materials and contemporary technology.
altreforme gives shape to a collection that introduces cases, bookcases, tables and chairs up to the lighting, declinable in different sizes: the leitmotiv is the aluminum and its versatility.
The collezione district designed by Marco Piva plays with the aluminum, interpreting its endless applications, from the classical furnishing (a bookcase that bets on modularity) up to the most technical wall lamp, and focus on finishes with precious chromatic contrasts between the naked shiny metal and the warmest tones of gold and burnished.

Colors, sounds and tastes from the world echoes in the names selected for the products in order to relive the exotically refined atmospheres of some of the most international elegant districts.

From the domestic interiors, to the offices and the contract, the products designed by Marco Piva, integrates themselves harmoniously with different contexts, perfect ambassadors in the world of altreforme sartorial expertise in the manufacturing of aluminum and of the made in Italy.

The products:

brera: modular bookcase
brera expresses the  more ancient and authentic soul of Milan, representing a connection between emotion and the experienced with its narrow and pebbly lanes, studded with antique stores where everyone can breathes culture and art.
Colors, texture and the perfume of the history, to be composed according to one’s own tastes.

Technical specifications:
Available in different colors and finishes.
Three single or  stackable to your heart’s content  modules  with the possibility of adding a top-base or lower-base.
Measures: Module A: 50,5x35x47,5 cm – Module B: 96x35x40 cm – Module C: 91x35x32 cm
Design: Marco Piva 2010

brickell: L&C  modular shelves
brickell with its reflecting surface and its contemporary lines, recalls the sparkling and glamor soul of the exclusive district of Miami, where extremely high skyscrapers dominated by a blue and sun-brightened sky play host to exclusive places, swimming-pools on roofs and terraces planted with trees. Geometrical aluminum shapes in inventive arrangements, like discontinuous skyscrapers reflected in the sea.

Technical specifications:
Available in different colors and finishes.
Two models, “C” and “L”, stackable to your heart’s content with the possibility of adding a back-base.
Measures “C “ and “L”: 35x35x30 cm
Design: Marco Piva 2010

ginza: wall lamp
Characterized by aluminum sheets folded to contain beam of light, ginza brings us in the special district of Tokyo, where an explosion of lights and colours creates at the dusk suggestive mazes, where luxurious boutiques alternate to fashion restaurants.

Aluminum reflections wink at dressy nuances, offering refined solutions.

Technical specifications:
Available in different colors and finishes.
Three models with different lengths.
Measures: 30x4x30 cm – 60x4x30 cm – 120x4x30 cm
Design: Marco Piva 2010

arbat: table customized according to the tastes
arbat recalls the charm of the historic ancient district of Moscow, once heart of the art intelligentsia and home of the Russian aristocracy, where nowadays cafés and captivating pastel colored facades of  Old Arbat Street alternate to futuristic buildings and sumptuous boutiques along New Arbat Street, embodiment of a new lifestyle.

Contemporary artistic shapes tie with sophisticated memories, providing unexpected arrangements.

Technical specifications:
Available in different colors and finishes.
Four top models: small- medium- big  round or big rectangular.
Three base models for each of the three height.
Diameter round tops: 90 – 120 – 140  cm
Measures rectangular top: 120×90 cm
Bases height: 30 – 55 – 73 cm
Design: Marco Piva 2010

ulus: lamp
ulus brings us to the exclusive and sophisticated residential district of Istanbul, to admire the most beautiful view on the city, sitting on the big white stones of Ulus park, even more when the sun sets and the city takes on warm shades, recalling the colors of the spices.

From the top of one of the hills overlooking the Bosporus, to the summit of a lamp that enlightens new spaces.

Technical specifications:
Available in different colors and finishes.
Four shaped models with different heights.
Measures:  40×175 cm – 40×90 cm – 35×45 cm – 35×180 cm – 20×70 cm – 16×50 cm
Design: Marco Piva 2010

luwan: chair
Perfect to furnish with style private and public spaces, luwan with its elegant line and the functional design, recalls sounds and colors of the prestigious district of Shanghai, modern and ancient heart of the city that plays host to the most exclusive area of Huaihai Road, famous for its luxurious international shops and elegant restaurants.

The cultural heritage of the tradition merges with contemporaneity, giving a new value and a recovered charm.

Technical specifications:
Available in different colors and finishes.
Three legs alternatives: swivel chair, racing car seat, chair with wheels.
Measures: 47x48x82 cm – seating height 45 cm
Design: Marco Piva 2010

Manufacturing technology: The collections arise from an unique manufacturing expertise and have a technological and design dna. The works are created exclusively by aluminium from 1.25 up to 8 mm thickness, selected among the best alloys used in the automotive sector.
A light, smooth and shiny material, ideal for giving life to new, challenging and different shapes.
Reflected light emphasizes the amplitude of their forms, enhances the ambitious lines and magnifies the sinuous depth of the sculptures.
Each product is manufactured through the same production cycles that give shape to the most beautiful and sinuous car bodies existing on the  market.
Ideas and styles developed by great international designers pass through elaborate feasibility studies, elastic strain analysis and virtual designs to be later on manufactured thanks to leading production technology and machinery, able to measure geometrical deviations up to 2/10 of mm.
The latest production techniques are joined with the expertise of highly qualified employees to guarantee an aesthetic control for top perfection.
Accuracy and quality, required for the manufacturing of cars and of ….altreforme.

Eco sustainability: All altreforme works are eco-sustainable since they are manufactured by aluminum, 100% recyclable. Aluminum is for altreforme the material for the future in every industry: it allows manufacturing high aesthetic shapes and shiny quality products with no adverse effects on the surrounding environment.

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