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altreforme | officina: aluminium beyond fantasy

Furniture altreforme | officina: aluminium beyond fantasy

altreforme at Salone del Mobile in the international frame of Fiera Rho Milano and at Fuorisalone with the event SUPER altreforme!, confirms to be the leading character of innovation and research on a challenging material as aluminium to propose new products with daring and original shapes and finishing.

The synergy between the Fontana Group’s expertise in aluminium manufacturing for the automotive field and the exploration of unknown properties of this noble material, leads to new functional and aesthetic design solutions that give shape to sophisticated customers’ ideas and desires with the need to personalize and make unique their own space.

A successful path started with a collection of limited edition products by Aziz Sariyer characterized by challenging curves and sinuosity never realized before, followed by a high level serial production by Marco Piva that enhances aluminium with unique textures and finishing.

altreforme exhibits at the 2011 edition of Salone Internazionale del Mobile with two surprising novelties: the exploration of new aluminium finishing, the kimono, and the presentation of altreforme officina, a workshop where products that reinterpret production processes and consolidated know-how are developed to be transformed into design objects with a distinctive personality, as a new table-desk and a vertical mirror.

To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of this renowned event, altreforme exhibits its products in two prestigious locations: at Fiera Rho Milano, Hall 6, stand C38bis and in the shop windows of the boutique  SUPER, Piazza San Marco 1, part of the circuit Brera Design District.

At Fuorisalone the sophisticated aluminium furniture by ALTREFORME meet the valuable clothing and the leading accessories of the innovative boutique SUPER, a union dedicated to the transversality of design and fashion, where the sinuous shapes of furniture and bodies are enhanced by original styles and refined shades of light.

altreforme innovation, research and quality once again reveal new aspects of this material, making it warmer, enriching it with vivid colours and patterns in order to create attractive products, leading characters of new scenarios and styles of the contemporary living.

altreforme officina

Clear expression of the link between two seemingly distant worlds, the one of the pure technology and the one of the most ingenious creativity, altreforme officina is established as a foundry of highly innovative products and finishing.

A research project that has its roots in the automotive sector: analysis and studies developed in more than fifty years by Fontana Group are transferred by altreforme to the product design in order to give shape to sinuous curves and  textures never performed before through the use of leading technologies.

A place where new connotations of this challenging material are investigated and developed and whose limits are broken, a propulsive centre of new ideas and plans to offer the contemporary design sophisticated and unique furnishings.

The kimono FINISHING are one of the novelties presented by altreforme officina: kimono, which literally means “something to wear”, as a metaphor for a dress that fits and enhances the bright aluminium sheets, giving elegance and warmth to altreforme products with coloured patterns and engraved decorations inspired by traditional eighth century Japanese kimono.

A blend of ancient and modern where the charm of the East history merges with the contemporary technology of the West.

altreforme sophisticated customers may select from a variety of colourful decorations and patterns or propose tailor-made decorations and patterns.

Among the proposed patterns the kimono fenice, golden feathers eagle with a crown of magical gems that in the Japanese philosophy announces the arrival of a new era.

The kimono onda, more creative than the traditional patterns, is considered, with its repeated vortices, the result of eccentric sensibility and the metaphor of poetic feelings.

The kimono nuvola is one of the oldest themes of figurative Japanese art enough to be considered dating from the Han Dynasty of ancient China.

The kimono finishing are offered both as pattern and as a decorative engraving.

The FANTASIA kimono are applied by coating the aluminium sheet with bright colours that make the products unique and give the  warmth and brightness of the past to their modern style.

The DECORO kimono are applied through the engraving technique by plotting the patterns of the most representative Japanese prints on the product style lines.

The result of altreforme officina experimentation are also two new products presented at the Salone preview: the table plex and the mirror convex, expression of reinterpretation of settled production processes and know-how in the aluminium processing such as cold drawing and folding.

plex, aluminium table
A thin aluminium sheet masterly processed bends to give shape to a table desk with neat lines and strong character. A table with thousands facets made precious either by decorations and engravings, or by aphorisms expressing your personality.

plex, a product that tells every day every turn your life takes.

Available in endless shade of colours, finishing and engraves.
Dimensions: 200 x 90 x 74 cm
Design: altreforme officina

convex, mirror with cold drawn aluminium frame, riveted along the perimeter

A smooth and sinuous frame taking shape through well-established leading technologies and know-how to furnish with elegance contemporary rooms.

A vertical mirror to be customized with various shades and patterns.convex, a product representing a connection between two seemingly distant worlds: the one of pure technology and the one of style.

Available in endless shade of colours and finishing.
Dimensions: 190 x 80 x 5 cm
Design: altreforme officina

Designers: Aziz Sariyer and Marco Piva | altreforme

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