How to Anchor Furniture Without Drilling? – 5 Methods

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how to anchor furniture without drilling

Our kids can be restless and playful at home, and pets move around the house constantly. Therefore we must secure our furniture in one place so no one will be hurt.

Securing furniture to the wall is necessary, but maintaining the excellent condition of the wall is another matter to consider. Whether your place is in a rental that forbids you from using screws or you don’t want to damage your wall, read on.

The question is how to anchor furniture without drilling. We have helpful tips to secure your walls with no drill.

What to Prepare

Here are some tools we can use instead of screws:

  • Bracket
  • Furniture wall straps
  • Adhesives
  • Command strips
  • Anti-tip kits
  • Use self standing furniture

Ways to Anchor Furniture Without Drilling


1. Use Floor Brackets

Using brackets to secure furniture to wall is one way of anchoring your furniture. These floor brackets are versatile. Aside from stabilizing the furniture, it can support walls like partition walls.


A bracket can secure a non-load-bearing wall or wall without stud.

Aside from that, freestanding furniture shifts from its original position, floor brackets will prevent it from happening by securing the furniture to the floor.

Since floor brackets have an L-shape frame, you can mount the short arm on the floor, and the long arm can be mounted to the bottom side of the furniture using a threaded fastener.

Threaded fasteners will hold the long arm to the side of the furniture and the short arm to the floor.

2. Use Furniture Wall Straps


These days, almost all homes have flat-screen televisions. The wall straps will come in handy to secure these expensive pieces of furniture.

Since wall straps have two sides, you need to attach one end to the furniture and glue the second end to the strong base like a wall. Since they are attached to the back of the furniture, the straps will be only visible to the side.

3. Use Adhesive Tape or Glue


To secure furniture to wall without holes of drilling, using adhesives can be a very convenient option. It is also a suitable tool when you have a plaster wall.

It is not easy to drill a stud into a plaster wall, so using a screw is not a great choice. An adhesive furniture anchor will attach furniture to the wall much quicker and requires less technical skills than using a screw.

There are a variety of adhesive furniture anchors that leave no adhesives behind. Simply select what appeals to you the most.

  • Grab your pencil and scale and make markings on the wall to have a good sense of where you want to put the furniture.
  • Wipe off the area and apply adhesive tape to the back of the furniture to be anchored.
  • Then, firmly apply it to the wall and let it alone for at least 24 hours to adhere nicely.

4. Use Command Strips


Command strips are excellent for securing your furniture. It is easy to use and comes in a variety of colors that can match your home decor.

If your question is how to secure furniture to wall with baseboards, a command strip is a solution. Command strips can be used on all surfaces from wood, tiled to cement, aside from vinyl.

It comes in different sizes depending on the area you want to cover.

Choose a suitable surface and indicate the location where you want the furniture to be anchored. Then, before sticking the strips to the wall, wipe them with rubbing alcohol. Place the command strip and secure your furniture.

This way, you can move your furniture without worrying it will tip or fall over.

5. Use Anti-tip Kits


Furniture is vulnerable to many risks and threats – overload, falling over, and earthquakes. Another alternative we can use instead of screws is anti-tip kits.

Anti-tip kits can help fasten furniture to the wall to avoid any accidents. It secures the furniture and prevents it from falling since it is specially designed and developed to bear the heavy weight of the furniture.

The anti-tip kits can be completely installed with no screws and can easily fix the furniture to the wall.

We can glue the anti-tip kit to the wall and then attach the furniture item.

6. Use Self Standing Furniture

You can always avoid using furniture that needs to be anchored to the walls. Instead, use a self-standing furniture piece. For example, if you want a bookshelf but you don’t want to drill, try a self-standing bookshelf. You can place it anywhere you want and put all the weights you want on it.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do all dressers need to be anchored?

Depending on your personal preference or design, you may opt to anchor your dresser.

If you have kids and pets, it is best to anchor the dresser.

What’s important is that your dresser should neither create an unstable weight distribution nor lead to tipping over. Also, its legs or foundation must keep the dresser in place.

Do you have to secure furniture to the wall?

Because furniture like dressers, bookshelves, and televisions might fall and break, anchoring your furniture will be advantageous. Not only will it prevent your furniture from being damaged, it will also firmly keep your furniture in place and will ensure that you and your kids or pet won’t get hurt.

Besides, as we know how to secure furniture to wall without drilling, there is no reason why we should not do it.

When should you anchor furniture?

If you are living in an area that is prone to dangerous and violent earthquakes or any natural calamity, or you have kids, you have enough reason to anchor your furniture.

If your furniture is a freestanding one, it will be fine not to anchor it. However, for extra security and when you are in doubt, you can anchor your furniture.


To prevent tipping-overs, anchoring your furniture to the wall is the most basic step you can take in making your home a little safer. Anchoring furniture is relatively simple. It will take a little more effort, but it will be worth it.

In fact, you can attach furniture to wall without screws. Indeed, it is a rental-friendly and effortless thing to accomplish for your home and family.

Feel free to share how to anchor furniture without drilling with others.

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