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ARCHI-TECTONICS | Winka Dubbeldam

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“With her progressive architectural office Archi-Tectonics, Winka Dubbeldam has advanced to the very top of the New York architecture scene. Her innovative projects are grounded within the context of urban planning, society and technology and attest to a unique interplay of materials and methods. This monograph presents an impressive overview of the projects that have endowed her with international prestige.”

Winka Dubbeldam studied sculpture before making a foray into architectural study. Her visionary designs reveal a passion for forms as well as a determination to create. Dubbeldam’s success isn’t just based on her creative power, but is deeply rooted in a conceptual approach promoting and implementing ecology and sustainability in architecture and urban planning.

After completing architectural studies in Rotterdam in 1990, Winka Dubbeldam established her first design studio in that city. Shortly after she moved to the renowned Columbia University School of Architecture and “after that forgot to return” as she puts it. She has worked for such well-known architects as Bernard Tschumi and Peter Eisenmann, before she established her own office Archi- Tectonics in 1994 – a brain pool for progressive projects with which she advanced quickly, moving to the top of the New York architectural design scene.

Her innovative projects grow out of the challenges of integrating society, design, urban planning, and technology, overcoming apparent contradictions courageously. Her approach: By deconstructing established structures she arrives at new margins, developing unknown forms of existence for spaces and buildings. Her concepts are visionary and evolve through research, questioning, exploration, and experimentation as in laboratory. Over time, Dubbeldam has developed her own philosophy, based on the exploration of space and meaning it has yielded buildings that function like vital organisms.

Daab has just published a monograph in which Dubbeldam introduces her twelve most important projects. Her international projects give the reader insight into a comprehensive architectural approach that refers to the future. The façade of a twelve-story historical storage building in New York’s Soho district, clad in glass, gives the appearance of a waterfall, yet congenially melds with the street and surrounding buildings while providing in addition to its visual effect, stateof-the-art insulation.

Ecological and sociological considerations distinguish the MCF Academy in Monrovia, which is conceived as a village-like ensemble of buildings that fulfills the requirements of communal, ecological, and economical concerns – and might even be suitable in Manhattan. Dubbeldam’s futurist model envisions artificial islands, distinct economic, recreational and environmental zones that are connected with each other through “intelligent” swimming expressways. This is how the future may look.

Title: Archi-Tectonics
Author: Winka Dubbeldam
Publisher: DAAB MEDIA | March 1 / 2011
Details: Hardcover, 18 x 23 cm (7.09 x 9.06 in.), 176 pages
Language: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian
ISBN-10: 3942597004
ISBN-13: 978-3942597005

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