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The architectural design firm OFIS arhitekti is based in Ljubljana in Slovenia. The firm has been founded by architect duo Rok Oman and Spela Videcnik in the year 1998. The firm values the combination of modern technology with creative space planning. One of the best examples of their design excellence is the recently completed Football Stadium Arena Borisov in Belarus. With the fine-tuned acoustic environment, the stadium provides 360 degree view of the entire field to each spectator present there.

The firm received many awards including Platinum Pen award for the firm’s international achievements. European Grand Prix for Innovation Award, the silver IOC medal, and Mies van der Rohe award are a few of the awards that OFIS arhitekti has received.

Website: http://www.ofis-a.si/
Address: Tavcarjeva 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: +386 1 4260084

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