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Ototo Design Ltd.

The Ototo Design Ltd is a popular design studio in Tel Aviv, Israel. Ototo in Hebrew means “any minute now”. The name of the design firm suggests that something new can happen almost at any moment. Ototo is known for unique and creative ideas on products that can be useful and interesting.

The product line of the Ototo design Ltd is mass produced, constantly growing, and are distributed all over the world. The design firm specializes in creating household products with a twist. Expect a humorist and ironic twist to the designs created by Ototo. Designs created by the firm have found places in art galleries and museums.

CONTACT Ototo Design Ltd.

Website: http://www.ototodesign.com/
Address: P.o.b 57364, Tel-Aviv 6157301 Israel
Phone: + 972.77.911.0148

Projects by Ototo Design Ltd.

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