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Torafu Architects

This famous Japanese architectural firm was founded by architects Koichi Suzuno and Kamuro Shinya in the year 2004. The firm has been involved in the designing of shop interiors, configuration of exhibition venues, product designing, movie productions and space installations.

The firm has recently collaborated with Japanese furniture manufacturer Hida Sangyo for Cobrina (furniture collection). Torafu Architects’ recent works on interesting indoor furniture has attracted a lot of attention – a children’s seat that splits to show a doll’s house, interiors of a shop created with cedarwoods blocks to create multiple display areas with varying heights.

For its unique and outstanding contributions to architecture Torafu Architects has received many awards.

Contact Torafu Architects

Website: http://torafu.com/
Address: 1-9-2-2F, Koyama, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, zip code 142-0062, Japan
Phone: 03-5498-7156

Projects by Torafu Architects

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