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Award for Meinhard von Gerkan

Architecture von Gerkan, Meinhard

On 28 November, Meinhard von Gerkan received the 2013 ULI Germany Leadership Award. This award is being given by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Germany for the ninth time, and is intended to recognise personalities in real estate and public service. The award will take place as part of the annual Urban Leader Forum in Berlin. The invitation to the capital was issued by the winner of the previous year’s award, Director (Senate Construction Department) Regula Lüscher.

The ULI gives the award in several categories – Meinhard von Gerkan was the winner in the “Special Prize” category. As a symbolic token of the prize, he will receive a gold Ginkgo leaf which is followed up next spring in the new growth phase with a Ginkgo tree. The organisers of the award consider that the Ginkgo tree represents “friendship, environmental responsibility and sustainability”. Before Meinhard von Gerkan, the prize has been awarded to Albert Speer, Norman Foster, Jörn Walter, Petra Roth and Alexander Otto amongst others.

Architects: gmp – Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner
gmp architekten founding partner: Meinhard von Gerkan
Photo: Ulrich Lindenthal
Award: 2013 Leadership Award in the Special Prize category
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