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Bar Stool Height for 48 Inch Counter – Sizing Guide

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bar stool height for 48 inch counter

Picking a suitable bar stool is not as easy as some think. Aesthetics and ergonomic design aside, bar stools need to be of matching size with the counter. Otherwise, sitting at the counter will certainly be an unpleasant experience.

For instance, the best bar stool height for 48 inch counter is 35-39 inches. If the chairs are shorter than this recommended range, you may have a hard time resting your arms on the table.

How High Should My Barstools Be?

Regardless of whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor bar stools, the guide below should be able to help you find your perfect match.

1. How Tall Do 48-Inch Bar Stools Need To Be?


Bar stools for 48 inch counter need to be around 35-39 inches tall. Classified as extra tall bar stools, they usually accompany 44-48 inches counters.

However, to correctly pinpoint the ideal height of 48 inch bar stools, you’ll also need to take into account how tall their users would be. Small-stature people will require a higher seat, whereas towering individuals may need a shorter stool.

In households where the residents vary drastically in height, adjustable bar stools will be a better choice.

2. Common Types Of Bar Stools


As bar counters come in different sizes, it’s only common sense to produce stools of varying heights to accommodate them. Let’s go over the most common chairs for bars, so you won’t feel overwhelmed the next time you decide to visit IKEA.

  • Short-height Bar Stools


Short-height stools are around 16 to 23 inches tall, the ideal range that most people will find comfortable as their feet can reach the floor.

Because they are roughly the average height of dining chairs (17”-20”), these bar stools can also accommodate your dining table.

Generally, short-height stools will be used along with bars 28-33 inches tall.

  • Counter-height Bar Stools


Ranging from 24 to 27 inches in height, these options are often used for counter-height bars (bars that are as tall as your kitchen counter, which is 34-36 inch).

Other than the counters and bars, stools of this height can also be used alongside your kitchen islands.

  • Bar-height Bar Stools


As indicated in the name, these stools are designed with the standard bar height (40-42 inches) in mind. To accommodate such a towering height, these stools need to be at least 28 inches tall. However, they never exceed the standard 33-inch height.

  • Extra-tall Bar Stools


With an impressive height of 34 to 40 inches, these will be the tallest stools you can find. One subset of these options is spectator heught bar stools, which measure 34-36 inches in height.

These extra-tall models are your only choice for 48-inch bars. You can use the chairs for 44-47 inches-tall bars as well.

How Do You Measure Bar Stool Height?


Step 1: Measure your counter

It doesn’t hurt to double-check your counter’s height, considering how much it’ll affect your choice of bar stools. What’s more, 48-inch counters aren’t that common, so you might not have one of them in your home.

Use a measuring tape to get the exact length from the counter’s top to the floor. Make sure the tape is exactly perpendicular to the two surfaces; otherwise, the numbers can be off.

Step 2: Measure the bar stool’s height


Now, you can narrow down your search by subtracting 9 to 13 inches from the previous measurements to calculate how tall the seat should be.

Measure the distance from the seat’s underside to the floor. Again, the tape needs to make a 90° angle with the floor for correct measurements. If the chair fits the requirements, you know you’ve found your match.

  • How much you deduct from the bar height depends on how large you want the legroom to be. However, don’t neglect the average size of those who frequent the bar counter.

How Much Space Should There Be Between Bar and Stools?

The space between the bar and stools will also have a say in how comfortable you’ll be. Typically, a 6-inch distance is ideal. This is also the minimum space between two stools, unless you’re dealing with larger or swiveling chairs, which require 8-11 inches.

Another possible approach is to look at the distance from the bar’s outermost edge to the back of the seat. Make sure this span is 18 inches. Any more than that, and you may strain to reach the bar. Any less than that, and you may have difficulty exiting the seat.


What’s the average height of a bar stool for a 45-inch counter?

As a 45-inch counter is on the taller size, it needs to be paired with higher bar stools as well. A chair with a height of 33 to 34 inches is what you’re looking for. In fact, it’s tall enough for 46 inch counter bars as well.

How tall should stools be for 42 inch bars?

It’s relatively easy to find stools for 42 inch counter, which is the standard bar height. Referred to as bar-height stools, these chairs are around 28 to 30 inches tall. However, you can increase the range to 33 inches to accommodate smaller-sized individuals.

Can a bar height be 48 inches?

While 48 bar height might not be downright impossible to find, it’s not that popular. The average bar height ranges from 34 to 46 inches, meaning that most stools will be manufactured to accommodate this size range.

In other words, you need to tread lightly if you’re considering installing a 48-inch bar. Many people will find the height uncomfortable, especially smaller people and children.

Discomfort aside, you may have a hard time finding suitable chairs for this tall counter. Normal bar stool height might be too short to provide optimal comfort.

What’s the bar stool height for 44 inch counter?

A 44-inch counter is also taller than the average 42-inch, which means the standard bar stool height might not cut it. You’ll need to pick a chair around 34-36 inch tall in order to sit at this counter.


In short, the bar stool height for 48 inch counter should be within the range of 35 to 39 inches. How tall the chairs will ultimately be will largely depend on how much legroom you want to have.

At the end of the day, while an eye-catching aesthetic is what draws people in, it’s the blissful comfort and good company that make them stay. Keep this motto in mind whenever you shop for furniture.

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