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Bazzèo to expand GAIA line-Gaia Glass to combine technology and elegance

Bazzèo, the environmentally conscious US manufacturer, has recently introduced the latest class of the GAIA line- GAIA GLASS, named for the white glass doors, paired with the high technology approach of a lightweight aluminum door. GAIA GLASS is the newest addition to the successful GAIA line, which has won several national and international design awards over the past years. With a clean, minimalistic, contemporary look, GAIA GLASS is right on the mark for the 2013 trend forecast in kitchen and cabinetry design, which is asking for elimination of unnecessary and ornate details in order to achieve a relatively maintenance free lifestyle.

Bazzèo | Gaia GlassA visibly frameless door gives GAIA GLASS an overall very clean appearance with the back painted glass adding depth to the design look. The high tech door is made of an invisible aluminum structural frame to which the aesthetic ¼” glass material is fitted. The doors are lightweight as they are made of aluminum extrusions and fingerprint free glass is resulting in added low maintenance for the cabinetry. The aluminum extrusion frame with the thin glass panel delivers a lightweight door, which does not create strain on the hinges, resulting in a long lifespan over time. In addition the doors are water resistant making the GAIA GLASS line a highly desired option for every climate. The newest line of the Bazzeo family is not only eye pleasing, but as well eco- sensitive like all other Bazzèo lines. Adding to the environmentally favorable aspect of the product is that the aluminum used in the GAIA GLASS, is a recyclable material.  Contemporary and clean, open and inviting, the exclusion of all things extraneous is the core values that best describe the Bazzèo look.  Bazzèo products are driven by design, value and personalization.

Bazzèo | Gaia GlassFrom cutting-edge kitchens to modern, inviting bathrooms to uniquely created closet and storage solutions. Bazzèo is always evolving and challenging the concept of home. All featured Bazzèo lines are available in a large variety of finishes and colors to suit the individual taste.  Bazzèo products may contribute towards specific credits under the US Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) criteria.

About Bazzeo:
With less waste during the manufacturing process as well as an extensive selection of eco-sensitive materials to choose from, the Bazzèo kitchen can be designed for a green environment without compromising on design. Bazzèo kitchens are manufactured North Bergen, New Jersey, using recycled and regenerated wood from certified resources as well as the use of non-toxic laminates, aluminum, glass and technical veneers.

Designer: Bazzèo 
Project name: Gaia Glass
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