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Bazzeo | Pandora and Cinetica

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The unveiling of Pandora and Cinetica, two new lines featuring cutting-edge sustainable design, award-winning technology and groundbreaking innovations in cabinetry concepts, was celebrated by over 500 invited guests from media, real estate, development, architecture and design industry, early October at the exquisite NYLOFT showroom in Manhattan.
Both lines are equipped with ground-breaking mechanisms to move parts of the cabinetry in order to change layout and use, depending on client’s needs.

NYL06_1.5Pandora’s main features are the automatic revelation of a dining table for four, four chairs, a shelving system, cook top, sink and pop –up faucet plus a hidden TV compartment.
In closed mode Pandora doubles as a clean looking, open counter space for work, entertainment and concealed storage. The open mode reveals a fully functioning kitchen with ample space for all needed appliances and gastronomic endeavors.

NYL07_1The conceptualisation and design of Pandora was the cooperation of Ana Sternberg and Iko Aviv, founders and masterminds behind Bazzèo by NYLOFT; Rioko Okada of ODA architecture assisted with the design execution and finsih selction.

The second line, which wooed guest during the unveiling event, is named Cinetica after the italian term for “Kinetic movement”; the entire kitchen area features finshes in fumed oak in a brass frame with inset and overlay doors.

NYL08Cinetica’s upper cabiet installation is equipped with a mechanism to have the entire row disappear with the push of a button, which can be controlled, as the mechanism of Pandora, via smartphone, table or from a wall-panel. This elegant and functional high technology infused line was designed by Yaarit Sharoni of ODA architecture, after the outlining ideas and concept created by Bazzeo’s Iko Aviv.

NYL07“Creating a (kitchen) space, which adapts and moves to its owner’s live and lifestyle, has always been a dream of mine”, stated Iko Aviv, founder and head designer of Bazzèo during the unveiling. “With Pandora and Cinetica, Bazzèo has catapulted itself into one of the foremost cabinetry lines worldwide and changed the perception of a kitchen (space) per se”.

Since its start in 2007 Bazzèo’s founder Iko Aviv and Ana Sternberg have continually improved their commitment to style, function and environment by introducing award winning cabinetry, setting themselves apart though design, environmentally conscious practices and high technology components.

NYL02From cutting-edge kitchens to modern, inviting bathrooms to uniquely created closet and storage solutions, Bazzèo is always evolving and challenging the concept of home and commercial interiors.

NYL05All Bazzèo lines are available in a large variety of finishes and colors to suit the individual taste.

Bazzèo products may contribute towards specific credits under the US Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) criteria.

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