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Best of 2012: Most viewed hotels

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According to Google Analytics the most viewed hotels  in 2012 were the following:

ONG&ONG | M Hotel Business Centre

1 ONG ONG  M Hotel Business CentreThe new M Hotel Business Centre is sleek and sophisticated. Clean lines, polished surfaces and clever use of lighting is used to enhance the bold feel of the open space. Plush black leather furnishing complements the punches of warm yellow highlights. The reception area provides a space for casual discussions and informal meetings. A clever separation is provided between the main reception and individual personal computer spaces within the open-plan. Private meeting rooms equipped with proper business facilities are also incorporated into the space planning with interiors kept simple and professional. With the use of glass partitions, rooms feel open and spacious, while still providing subtle separation for privacy. [Read more]

Concrete Architectural Associates | W Hotel

2 Concrete Architectural Associates2There is more to London than the obvious tourist attractions. Ultimately you’ll get the chance to see the city from within. We’d like to show you the real London and what true Londoners are about. A public and private tour guides you through the day and night life of a quintessential Englishman and woman. We follow the transition of a classic businessman in the morning to a dancing star on the bar at night, and imagining everything in between. [Read more]

3LHD | Hotel Lone

3 3LHD  Hotel LoneHotel Lone, the first design hotel in Croatia, is situated in the Monte Mulini forest park, Rovinj’s most attractive tourist zone, located in the immediate vicinity of the legendary Eden Hotel and the new Monte Mulini hotel. The surrounding grounds and parkland is a unique and protected region of the Monte Mulini forest on the Lone Bay. The term design hotel is meant to illustrate this as a space that nurtures the concept of an interesting and functional design. Created by a team of renowned Croatian creatives comprised of a new generation of architects, conceptual artists, product, fashion and graphic designers. The Architects from studio 3LHD were responsible for the design and construction of the hotel building. In addition to the overall architecture, the interiors and the furniture were designed and chosen especially for the hotel in order to achieve a distinct and recognizable identity. The designers from Numen / For Use designed the furniture. [Read more]

Concrete Architectural Associates | Canal House Hotel

4 Concrete Architectural Associates  Canal House HotelThe concept of the Canal House has been to build a luxury boutique hotel which offers all the service you expect from a five star plus hotel combined with the welcoming and warm feeling you get from a home. The aim was to create a true home away from home, in a house which you could use nearly as if it would be your own. Next to the individual rooms the guests have the opportunity to stay in the living room, the parlor room with a house bar, the garden and even in the kitchen according to their needs and mood. [Read more]

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