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Best of 2013: Most Viewed Projects

Architecture Best of 2013: Most Viewed Projects

According to Google Analytics the most viewed articles in 2013 were the following:

suto interior architects | 40 m2 flat

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsDesign concept given by the client: rebuild the space, which was before used by older generation, to a modern, well organized bachelors flat for one.  Design concept: smart ,cool solutions, masculine colours and use of materials.  Space design: spaces are leading and reflecting to each other, the flat is only 40 m2 all together, but fells much more spacious. Every interior detail is prepared with meticulous care and has a function. Because of the “put the space into space” design concept there are no unnecessary walls and hallways.[Read more]

Zaha Hadid Architects | D’leedon

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsThe site is located in a strategic position within the residential area of Singapore, close to the amenities of Holland Road and the future MRT station. The absence of high rise buildings in the near surroundings and direct connection to the main traffic route of Farrer Road makes this a prestigious and highly visible site across the whole city. The design is generated by the study of the existing alignments of roads, buildings and topography surrounding the site, with the primary axis lines brought into the site and linked together to ensure the greatest degree of connectivity to the neighbourhood.[Read more]

Nico van der Meulen Architects | Glass House

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsWhen the existing house was demolished to construct a new house, only Nico van der Meulen Architects could imagine the magnificence of the house that would have risen from the remains!  The Glass House, situated in Johannesburg on a 4000 sq.m site and with a total floor area of 2500sq.m. is once again an example of brilliance of this group of South African Architects. The owner requested a modern, glamorous, open plan, light-filled house with views from all rooms into the garden, and Nico van der Meulen Architects promptly responded presenting a plan that features the profile of a half circle on the South side and a horseshow shape on the North side.[Read more]

Elías Rizo Arquitectos | Casa Almare

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsCasa ALMARE is situated on a cliff overlooking Bahía de Banderas. The extraordinary beauty of its location provides the inspiration for the project’s contemporary architecture. The design was put together by a fine team of architects, designers and builders: Elias Rizo Architects, winners of numerous national and international awards oversaw the project; Manuel Morales responsible for bringing the project to life with painstaking attention to every detail of the construction, and Interiorismo Colectivo put the final touches to the project with a careful selection of ambience and furnishing.[Read more]

Zaha Hadid Architects | CMA CGM Tower

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsThe tower stands at the centre of the city’s ambitious regeneration project, Euroméditerranée, located 1km north of the historic centre, adjacent to the commercial port. The site lies 100m back from the sea edge where the elevated motorway viaduct separates as it arrives into the north of the city. At ground level the site is dominated by the sweeping concrete viaducts overhead and the rhythmic colonnades of their supporting columns.[Read more]

SHH | Park Place

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsProposals for an elegant, new-build, black-fronted house in Mayfair’s Park Place, inspired by number ten Downing Street and designed by architects SHH, has now been granted planning permission by Westminster City Council, including change of use from Commercial B1 to Residential C3. The project is due to go on site in January 2014 for completion in the second half of 2015. The seven-storey property, located in the St James’s Conservation Area (where neighbouring buildings include The Economist Buildings, the Grade I-listed Brooks’ Club, the Grade-I listed Royal Overseas League and the Embassy of Equatorial Guinea), has been designed as a 21st-century interpretation of a traditional Mayfair home.[Read more]

SHATOTTO architecture | S.A Residence

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsWater, channelizes its expansive existence subtly inside the weave of life, mingling toil and poetry into the land of Bangladesh. During Monsoon the 52 rivers that carry water across Bangladesh inundate two-thirds of the land. The water recedes, leaving behind fertile alluvial soil, transforming the landscape into large patches of paddy fields. Lalon, the 18th-century mystic minstrel of this land said, “If one thing is not there inside the body then it is not outside the body either.”  The human form has two parts – body, being the shell and thoughts as the soul. Shell and Soul are interdependent, yet independent; belonging to each other while belonging to themselves. Architecture is similar, with the building envelope as the shell and nature as the soul.[Read more]

DAR612 | Family house J20

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsDesign of a spacious house with an indoor pool for a young family of four. This family house with a pool, located on a gentle slope, is designed as a juxtaposition of two elements – a primary longitudinal wing with white finish, and a perpendicular element covered in dark wood coating. A T-shaped floor plan enables maximum south and west orientation, as well as views from both levels.[Read more]

LUCEM | First Light Transmitting Concrete Facade

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsIn contrast to glass and other transparent materials, concrete does obviously not apply to be a material suited for translucent constructions. In the year 1935, in France, the first experiments with light transmitting elements and conccrete lead the way to nowadays modern material Light Transmitting Concrete. It took over 80 years to develop, but today, the German company LUCEM is able to produce in large scale concrete panels with optical fibers inside.[Read more]

OneByNine studio | Daegu Gosan Public Library

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsThe cultural importance of the public library lies within the inherent power of the knowledge which it holds. This knowledge can be a significant life-altering force for the patrons of the library and furthermore within the larger community which it serves. The methods by which this information is contained and transmitted are continually evolving, yet the correlation between access to such information and issues such as upward social mobility and increased life opportunity are evident.[Read more]

Affonso Risi Architect | House of the Claretian Fathers

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsThinking a home for priests by using extensively the possibilities of bricks: walls, structure, ceilings. Facilitating conditions for creative participation of the workers at the construction site. Revisiting old construction techniques seeking for new spaces. These were ideas that guided the design of Batatais.[Read more]

IDIN Architects | W House

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsThe design concept of W-House is derived from the requirement that the owner would like the house that expresses his character in terms of space and form. Therefore, the design subject was how to interpret the owner’s lifestyle and passion into architecture. The idea initiated by the owner’s favorite activity of traveling and kayaking. There was one picture of a boat sailing on the river that has inspired the designer. The river acts as a supporter for the boat. As a house, the function areas of living room, dining room, and service are supporters for the private areas of bedrooms. The bedrooms are like the boat which the river is supporting underneath for sailing.[Read more]

57STUDIO | Fray León House

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsThe house is located in a district in the east area of Santiago, and one of its characteristics is the presence of old trees. The spaces are organized in an “H” shaped plant adapted to the lot, having great care for the trees and creating patios that reinforce their presence from the inside.The first level is organized around a native Peumo (cryptocaria alba) that goes along with the access from the south. From the hall is emphasized the presence of a huge Avocado tree and the private wing towards the east is bounded by an old Cypress. The public spaces in the west wing open towards the garden through a terrace by the north. The house is preceded by a paved esplanade built to prolong the approach of the visitor towards the access, where the Peumo gains a major presence.[Read more]

Specht Harpman Architects | Manhattan Micro Loft

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsThis project involved the radical transformation of a tiny, awkward apartment at the top of a six-story building. With only 425 square feet (39.5 square meters) of floor area, but a ceiling height of over 24 feet (7.3 meters), the new design exploits the inherent sectional possibilities, and creates a flowing interior landscape that dissolves the notion of distinct “rooms.”[Read more]

Zargos Vasconcelos | Residence A + T

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsThe design of the residence A + T is a space strategy to meet the demands of an extensive home program, obtaining the largest possible area of leisure and enjoying the urban landscape and its natural context. Fully designed in Bim, from its structure to studies of energy efficiency.It was basically conceived to accommodate all the essential needs of the family on one floor. The land has a gap in its transverse axis of 6 meters, resulting in a double height garage and a vertical circulation, which by necessity customer was awarded a panoramic elevator.[Read more]

bauzeit architekten | Maison Gauthier – Furetta

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsThe project is articulated basing on two really simple spatial typologies. The first one, a compacted and pure single-storied level, figures the dwelling which opens onto The Alps through huge window panels, thus focusing on a frame of beautiful views. Consequently, the glazing surfaces on the entire level, structure the façade in a generous way. The panoramic window panels, fold inside thus providing a special expression to the ensemble, also forming the terrace-covered area and protected from the sun. The difference of enclosure between North and South façades, become two plain and clear lectures, two faces: “behind” the street and “on the front” The Alps as a visual limit.[Read more]

Olson Kundig Architects | Shadowboxx

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsThe design of Shadowboxx facilitates meditations on community/togetherness in a remote place. The site for this island retreat is a remote point of land on an island in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The house is tucked between a thicket of trees and a rising bank, in a natural clearing created by strong winds that force back the trees from the rocky bank. Views from the house are directed towards the Olympic Mountains.[Read more]

BAUEN | Green Refuge – Two family homes

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsWe design in an exposed and desolate plane, no limits shown. For this reason we fold the base plane and we generate the “refuge”. We understand that the main feature of dwellings is care, and the essence of building is letting dwell*. Keeping the space from the popping of any foreign object but for the folding of the base plane, so the dwelling is prepared in is wrinkles, respecting the environment and making that the green constant, allowing the preservation of the inhabitant’s intimacy with its corrugations.[Read more]

DAR612 | Family house K17

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsThis residence is located on a flat site situated within a dense urban environment. The site borders with residential streets on its two sides. The U-shaped form of the house creates intimate green zones of gardens and terraces, secluded from the street views. Operable glass panels open the house to the exterior, merging the interior and the outdoors, and making the terraces become an extended part of the house.[Read more]

314 Architecture Studio | H3

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsThis private house of a total 1000m2 is located on a plot of land of 7000m2. The house was designed in order to give the sense of hovering over the water and sailing, inspired by the owners love for yachts.The bioclimatic design of the residence, the cooling feeling of the house through the contact of water and the use of sun and the geothermic energy are consistent in developing a highly dynamic and modern but also eco friendly design.[Read more]

DAR612 | Vacation house on the island

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsThis vacation house is located on a large flat site divided in the middle by a stone wall, thus creating two terraces: the upper terrace is used as a location for the house, and the lower for a garden. The house consists of a main two story-high residential unit, and a detached one story-high building with guest quarters. The two elements are connected with a closed courtyard.[Read more]

AS Design Service Limited | Fashionable Apartment

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsThe “Fashion” under the sunrise is more poetic. AS design Founder Four Lau and Sam Sum have always wanted to design a fashion art-themed boutique hotel-style apartment, they think fashion elements should not be limited to use as clothing only. The homeowners of this design project are in the fashion business, and they even possess higher requirements in quality of life than most people, so the designers injected a large number of art nutrients into this project.[Read more]

Jendretzki | Ultra Luxury Upper E apartment

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsUltra luxury living in Manhattan, on the 29th floor on Park Avenue, this home was designed to provide a sense of calmness, through minimal lines and true natural materials. The light was managed to penetrate rooms as in the Dinning Room that opens to the Living Room and Hall via rotating wood louvered panels.[Read more]

Gabriel Rivera Arquitectos | G1 house

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsLocated in Guayllabamba – Ecuador, place of warm weather and fertile land, G1 house is a composition of architecture and nature. An avocado tree of 12 meters height, (central node or start point), is the main character of the project. Is from this start point where architecture emerges.[Read more]

n.goyal & associates | The sanctum

Best of 2013: Most Viewed Projectsn.goyal & associates | The sanctumCompleted in 2011, housing three generations set amidst the exclusive and effluent neighborhood of Delhi the house of Goplanis marks the street with its exquisite straight lines. In seeking to creatively complement the architectural design of living spaces with the amalgamation of interiors nga makes use of its experience accumulated over 40years to provide the occupants with the warmth of enjoying their modern living. Architect Nitin and wife Ritika under the guidance of their father N.l.Goyal believe in a design which is logical, clear, and simple and has the charisma of detail.[Read more]

suto interior architects | KNRDY

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsConception as a restaurant: accommodating, but elegant, American style grill restaurant, which focuses on high quality steaks. Design concept : using the given characters of the space, bring up the atmosphere of New York restaurants.  Location: in the heart of Budapest, in the bank district, with plentiful of restaurants, wine bars and cafes. Expectations from the client: reflecting the high quality of the restaurant with the visual signs, it should be convincing, living up to the history of the old building, welcoming.[Read more]

57STUDIO | Long House

Best of 2013: Most Viewed Projects57STUDIO’s “Long House” aims to convey the act of passing through from one side of the house to another. This is the reason for the cross base planning of the entire program. The two main axes considered in this strategy are the terrain and the house. A very long pavillion house, developed through one story only, is placed across the main access direction. The basic premise of movement through the house, from one yard to another, is to reach at the end of this walk, the most intimate space: The Artist´s house.[Read more]

Lima Europe ltd | Flat in Budapest1

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsThis flat is in a 150 years old building. The owner wanted to have a minimal style flat where nowhere find old building style,just modern minimal light flat. The planing process first step was to replan the areas for a modern luxury brand new flat. We demolition all the walls and recalculate the areas for big bathroom light livingroom and bedroom and a small spa areas with sauna.[Read more]

ArchiCentre | S11 House

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsThe S11 house is located in an established older suburb of Petaling Jaya. The existing old house on the site was built in the early 1960’s and had become dilapidated and run-down over the years. A new green tropical house was planned for the site and conceptualized along the lines of a tree. The large tree canopy would cover and shelter the living spaces underneath it. The S11 House was designed to achieve the highest level Platinum rating of Malaysia’s Green Building Index (GBI).[Read more]

Nico van der Meulen Architects | The Constantia Kloof

Best of 2013: Most Viewed ProjectsFollowing the trend of making alterations to and revamping existing houses, the owners of this home enlisted the expertise of Nico van der Meulen Architects for a modern upgrade. “They liked the current trend in our work towards a mix of steel construction and concrete framing,” explains Nico van der Meulen of Nico van der Meulen Architects. The new design was achieved by removing most of the internal walls on the ground floor and adding a porte cochere and a new lanai with an infinity edge pool. The impressive porte cochere is suspended from a semi-circular beam supported by the bisecting wall and a huge column and transfer beam over the pool.[Read more]

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