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Blu Dot | Right Round Marble Dining Table

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The Right Round Marble Dining Table – a little history

This table evolved from a design John created for his own home.

Designed as a 3 legged raw steel and marble monolith, it may literally have weighed a ton. So, while fantastic in its simplicity, that design was just a bit tricky to ship.


In the course of developing Blu Dot’s version, and making it shippable, we made it smaller and added the MDF plate to the marble to prevent cracking. We added the fourth leg because few people buy a table for just 3 chairs. And 4 chairs around a 42 inch 3-legged table is awkward. Someone inevitably would have to straddle.

Once we moved from three legs to four and scaled it back to medium and larger dining room sizes, the biggest challenge was making it KD while ensuring the legs could support the weight of the top. That’s why we added the frame the legs bolt to. Smart.


Color? Well, flat black is an obvious choice. It is a sophisticated, beautiful marriage with the marble. But what about green? Why green? Well, as they say, if you have to ask….it’s because green is awesome. It’s a familiar tale. Fabulous design inspiration made achievable and affordable through the wizardry of the design team.

Welcome Right Round Dining to the Blu Dot family!


 Features, Benefits, Care

Marble is a dynamic and natural material. This means that distinctive natural marks may occur in the top and will vary from table to table. This is part of its intrinsic beauty. In addition, it is important to note that marble can stain from everyday use. We recommend that the honed marble top be sealed to avoid/delay any surface changes. An impregnating sealer easily available at most hardware stores is your best bet.

Like countertops, this is something that should be done on occasion (every year or two) to keep the surface less susceptible to staining. The powder-coated base can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and its sculptural simplicity makes the table a timeless choice. The feet are felt covered to help protect flooring surfaces. The mix of materials and the pragmatism of the design make this table an easy companion for all of our side chairs. Not only for dining, this piece would be great as a statement entryway table, or nontraditional.


 Special Considerations

Size Options: 42” & 52”
Base Options: Flat Black or Green Grass
This product Ships in two boxes.
52” size top carton 58x58x4 (242 lbs)
52” size base carton 31x30x11 (60 lbs)
42” size top carton 48x48x4 (154 lbs)
42” size base 31x22x11 (57 lbs)
Legs and stretcher ship in one box, top and MDF plate (ships glued to MDF top) in second box. Top is protected with honeycomb packaging and crated.


Designer: Blu Dot
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