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Blue Sky Hospitality | ENERJI & ELEKTRA

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ENERJI Club & ELEKTRA Events Hall form part of an urban regeneration project master plan for which the London studio BLUE SKY HOSPITALITY, has been playing a leading creative role for several years.

BSH Enerji BD2This new landmark on the Caspian seaside is poised to become a major leisure destination and attraction boosting the local economy and revitalizing what was until recently a rundown industrial part of Baku bay.

BSH ElektraENERJI & ELEKTRA have been conceived as two joined buildings with a total floor area of 8000 M2, built on the site of a famous century-old historical power station that supplied the electricity to the country’s capital during Soviet times.

BSH Enerji BD4Each building has been masterminded and designed by BLUE SKY HOSPITALITY under the leadership of creative director Henry Chebaane, as a total work of art from the brand identity to the customized furniture, uniforms, tableware, soundscape, light scenography and external landscaping.

BSH Enerji RF1The design team is famous for taking a compelling story-telling approach in the development of hospitality spaces, thus creating a thoroughly researched commercial and aesthetic DNA specific to each new project they undertake.

BSH Enerji RF2Here, the larger building (ELEKTRA) has been designed to hold international events, fashion shows and musical performance for a capacity of up to 3500 people, with several bars, artist studios and a VIP mezzanine seating 60 guests. This venue is likely to become home of the international jazz festival held each year in Baku, headlined by the likes of Herbie Hancock and Al Jarreau.

BSH Enerji RF3The second building (ENERJI) is an extraordinary entertainment destination mixing bar, lounge, club and restaurant with a seating capacity for 320 people over two floors with landscaped terraces over the Caspian.

BSH Enerji RF4The ground floor takes its dramatic interior design scheme from raw industrial energy, fire, sparks and electricity. While the upper floor has a elegant, sophisticated glamour incorporating technology and biomechanical elements to reflect its inspiration taken from the carbon molecule and its natural cycle over millions of years turning it into oil and eventually diamonds.

BSH EnerjiHenry Chebaane has turned this milestone project into a giant art gallery by creating and directing the fabrication of two dozen installations as diverse as an 24 M2 graffiti wall for the private dining area, two life-size horses made of salvaged metal parts, a phoenix and insects made of recycled copper wires, a flying eagle in aluminum strips repurposed from local shipyards, a dozen steam punk electric guitars pulsing to the music and a multitude of cyborg mannequins that took a full year to fabricate in collaboration with a movie prop studio usually working on science fiction productions for Hollywood.

BSH Enerji1

BSH Enerji BD3

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan
Concept, Landscaping, Branding, Lighting, Art and Interior Design: Blue Sky Hospitality
Floor Area: 8000 M2
Photography: Emil Khalilov & Michael Koeditz
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