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Bonaldo | Spring is in the Air

Furniture Bonaldo_Pebble_pouf

Pebble pouf

Following on from the success of the Pebble coffee table, here is the pouf, which is taller and narrower than its sibling, also to serve as a seat. Just like the coffee table had before it, the Pebble pouf stands out for its soft shapes, like those of pebbles which have been smoothed and honed by the sea, which is where Matthias Demacker drew his inspiration for this project. The openings in the frame have both a styling and a practical function, since the body of the pouf itself can house books, magazines or other everyday items.

Pebble is made of polyethylene. It is available in plain white or in two-tone versions in the following colours: white exterior/grey interior, white exterior/powder blue interior, red exterior/white interior, grey exterior/white interior, powder blue exterior/white interior.


Designer: Matthias Demacker
Dimensions: 45 cm high x 48 cm wide


The Spring sideboard designed by Carollo is bright and colourful, just like one feels only during the sunniest seasons of the year, and it knows exactly how to fill its surroundings with cheer.

Spring is an horizontal model, which stands out for its delicate trapezium shape and it features two drawers. Spring is made with a lacquered wood frame and painted metal base, and it is available in saffron yellow, white, anthracite grey and matt red.


Designer: Gino Carollo
Dimensions: 95 cm high x 178 cm wide x 48 cm deep



Muffin coffee table/pouf

A coffee table or a seat? American, like the famous muffins it draws its inspiration from, Japanese, like Ryosuke Fukusada who designed it, or Italian, like Bonaldo who produces it? It is difficult to tell, because in both its concept and multi-functionality, Muffin embodies aspects which are now common to all of modern society.

Bonaldo_Muffin_Bake Off_1

A large number of objects are produced and consumed quickly in modern-day society. These include a lot of products tied to packaging or padding which cannot be seen. Nonetheless these products involve a more intricate design than people would think. Designing a piece of furniture using characteristic elements of such products can recreate the familiarity and functionality of everyday life objects. Muffin has a batch-dyed polyethylene frame available in white, anthracite, red, dove-grey and green.

Bonaldo_Muffin_Bake Off

Designer: Ryosuke Fukusada
Maximum diameter: 50 cm
Height: 42 cm

Bonnie and Clyde table and stool

Bonnie and Clyde, table and stool, are simply perfect for youthful and informal settings. They stand out for the painted metal frame with a square base featuring rounded corners, and are available in five colours: white, red, anthracite grey, saffron yellow and dove-grey.


The Bonnie stool swivels and is height-adjustable with a plastic seat. The Clyde table top is slightly squared in shape and it is made of lacquered wood. Bonnie and Clyde are ideal partners, but they are available for purchase separately.

Designer: Gino Carollo

Provider: Bonaldo
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