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BuzziSpace and Alain Gilles | BuzziVille, a super-modular office collection

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Alain Gilles and the BuzziSpace design team got to work together to create the most modular office environment ever. The result is BuzziVille, an office island that you can expand and contract as you please. It was introduced at the beginning of this year, and new combinations, heights and modules will be launched this autumn at Orgatec.


BuzziSpace is an international leader in the world of office design. The brand’s approach to shared spaces is praised all over the world. But the BuzziSpace team have not been resting on their laurels. Office experience 3.0 is central to their design philosophy. BuzziVille might just be the ideal example of this: an island that office users can put together and use according to their own needs. The flexible, modular system is easy to rearrange if the work flow requires it.

The collection has now been extended to include new possibilities. For example, the whole collection is available from now on at a height of 180 cm. The extra height increases the feeling of privacy. What is more, several new combinations and modules have been brought onto the market.


BuzziVille Desk
BuzziVille Desk is a grid arrangement using BuzziVille partitions. The desktops are height-adjustable so that you can work at normal height or bar height. The grid arrangement allows you to create your own, partitioned- off workspace, but by raising the desk height you can make your workspace more open.

KG_BuzziSpace_BuzziVille Desk 1

BuzziVille Meet
BuzziVille Meet is an easy way to create a chain of meeting places. Vertical BuzziVille partitions give you the privacy you need to craft your plans undisturbed. The size of the desktop determines the distance between the walls and consequently the number of people who can join the meeting.

KG_BuzziSpace_BuzziVille Meet 1

BuzziVille Cocoon
There is no longer any need to hold your meetings or brainstorming sessions in a separate room. With BuzziVille Cocoon, you can do it right in the middle of the room. The partitions are arranged with a meeting table between them. The partitions guarantee your privacy, while the modular BuzziVille system provides flexibility. Various lengths are available.

Buzzispace-BuzziVille-Cocoon-H180 top

Alain Gilles, the designer of BuzziVille: “BuzziVille allows you to build your own village in the office, complete with all the liveliness and social interaction that goes with village life. You become the architect of your own workspace! In fact BuzziVille is not just an ideal tool for architects, but also for businesses and anyone who works in an open environment.”  The idea to create an office island grew out of the need to combine private cocoons in the office with informal and accessible meeting areas. This lets you concentrate on your work with all the peace and quiet you need as well as spending time brainstorming and socialising with your colleagues.


You only need a limited number of simple modules to create these dynamic, modular spaces. What is more, they are easy to join together without tools, thanks to a hidden hook system. As soon as everything has taken shape, you can attach a desk or sofa, tablet or storage unit. Thanks to BuzziSpace’s innovative way of linking meeting rooms with workspaces, BuzziVille is the perfect tool for interior designers and office planners. The work island offers an unprecedented array of possibilities, ready for the office of the future.

Materials: Poplar plywood, aluminium, foam and upholstery. Oak or laminate worktop.


A world of silence… The Belgian company BuzziSpace was established in 2007. The new brand’s designs became a worldwide hit almost immediately, as they responded to the global need to bring silence and style to the office. BuzziSpace designs can be used in changing environments worldwide: our offices, houses and other collaborative spaces are becoming increasingly compact and we are opting more frequently for open-plan spaces. The brand combines aesthetics and noise reduction, thanks to the sound-absorbing eco-felt used in the designs, making day-to-day life better in every way. BuzziSpace has branches worldwide with showrooms in Chicago, Atlanta, Sydney, London and Rotterdam, and, of course, its HQ in Antwerp, Belgium. BuzziSpace recently opened a production unit in High Point, North Carolina in the USA.


Designer: BuzziSpace and Alain Gilles
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