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How to Clean Between Sliding Glass Doors? – 3 Easy Ways

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how to clean between sliding glass doors

Having the best view and lighting inside the home and workplace is the ultimate benefit of glass windows and doors. But it frustrates us to see the accumulation of dust, smudges of grease on the glasses, and worse, to get moisture out of the sliding glass door.

Nevertheless, having the right tools to clean sliding doors and windows will leave it as clear as before, especially when done on a routine basis.

Here are the steps to follow on how to clean between sliding glass doors.

Different Types of Sliding Glass Doors


There are two types of sliding glass doors to consider in cleaning. These are the single-pane sliding glass doors with only one glass pane and the “thermopane,” also known as double pane or insulated glass door.

The double pane has two glass panes stacked in one frame and may be separated by space or argon gas to improve its thermal performance. It requires additional tools to clean the inside of double pane sliding glass doors.

How to Clean Single-Pane Sliding Glass Doors

What to prepare

  • Terry cloth
  • Sponge
  • Rag
  • Painting sponge stick
  • Liquid soap
  • Spray container
  • Water
  • Water bucket
  • Glass cleaner/Windex complete

Step 1: Prepare the Space


Remove or move draperies or curtains to the very end of the curtain rod and tie them to prevent hindering of the cleaning process.

Step 2: Make Soap Solution

Add 4 drops of liquid dish detergent with 2 cups of water in a spray bottle and shake well until properly mixed. This is very handy and convenient to use.

When cleaning a wide glass area, it’s advisable to mix the solution in a bucket of water following the given proportion.

Step 3: Scrub Dirt and Grimes


To clean cloudy sliding glass doors should be an easy feat. Start by gently rubbing the glass surface, door frame, and handle with a sponge soaked in soapy water to loosen dirt stuck on the surface. Begin at the top portion of the glass, going down the bottom in a zigzag direction.

When you happen to clean between overlapping shower doors, use the painting sponge stick to reach the nooks of the doors. Scrub it gently until the grime is cleaned off.

Step 4: Wipe-off the Soapy Water

Wipe off the soapy water using a clean rag. Again, start from the top sliding in a zigzag motion to the bottom. Wash the rag in clean water, squeeze it, and repeat the process until the glass surface is bubble free.

Step 5: Remove Stubborn Stain


Spray the Windex glass cleaner on the overall surface of the glass door, frame, and handle to eliminate leftover stubborn dirt and stain.

Step 6: Dry the Sliding Glass Surface


Wipe-off Windex solution with a terry towel until thoroughly dry. For the crevices, repeat your steps in cleaning between sliding glass shower doors. This time use a terry towel to reach the wet corners and trails of the overlaps. Slide it back and forth until the liquids are absorbed.

Step 7: Repeat the process on the other side of the glass door.


How to Get Moisture Out of Double Pane Sliding Glass Doors and Windows

Having those little droplets of water between double or triple-pane sliding glass doors is a bit of an eyesore.

You wanted most to clean inside double-pane patio doors but couldn’t because there is no way you can insert your hand in a sealed frame. Nevertheless, here is a remedy to help you in this situation.

What You Need

  • Leaf blower
  • Hair Dryer
  • Silicone Waterproof Sealant

Step 1: Find the Source of Moisture


Check traces of liquid at the bottom of the window by pressing the window frame. Trapped water evaporates as the temperature rises and seeps into the empty space in between the panes. The water vapor condenses as the temperature goes down. This is where the fogging starts.

Step 2: Dry the Crevice of the Window


Press the window frame to let water out and dry it with a paper towel. Use a leaf blower or hair dryer to completely dry the water trapped inside the faulty window frame.

Patiently hold the blower, nozzle facing the direction of the fault and blow it in full blast.

Step 3: Dissipate the Moisture Inside the Double Pane Glass


Using a hair dryer, blow heated air on the glass surface where the moisture appears. The heat dispels the tiny droplets of liquid in between the glass pane which clear the foggy view.

Then, check the overall surface of the glass to make sure the moisture is totally gone before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4: Seal the Exterior Faulty Frame


You can seal the gap between the glass window and the frame using a silicone waterproof sealant. This is to prevent water from seeping in the crack again thereby lessens moisture build-up.

Step 5: Consult with Professional


When moisture build-up is still there, consult with a sliding glass door expert in case there is a need to remove glass from sliding patio doors for major repair.

How to Clean Sliding Glass Door Track


Difficulty sliding glass door? This must be a sign to start cleaning sliding glass door tracks for the possibility of clogging due to accumulation of debris or thickened grimes.

Materials Needed

  • Vacuum
  • Screwdriver
  • Putty knife – optional
  • Wire brush
  • Liquid soap
  • Water bucket
  • Water
  • Rag
  • Terry cloth
  • Silicone lubricant

Step 1: Prepare the Space

Free an area to place the door panels that will be disassembled later.

Step 2: Vacuum the Area


Vacuum debris or particles on the exposed track and surrounding area where the removed door panels were.

Step 3: Remove Screen Door

Some sliding doors come with a screen door. Remove this by loosening the screws at the lower sides of the screen frame. Lift the screen door and gently slide it toward you until both wheels are off the trail.

Step 4: Remove Sliding Glass Door


To start, remove the sliding glass door for cleaning. Begin by unscrewing protective locks on top, bottom, and between the sliding glass door frames. Lift the door panel and gently slide it out off the track one after the other. You might need a helping hand with this

Step 5: Clean the Door wheel and Track

Vacuum visible dirt and debris. Use a wire brush to scrub off the grime stuck on the track, then vacuum again.

When there is stubborn dirt left, wipe it with a rag soaked in the cleaning solution. After which, dry thoroughly with a clean terry cloth. Do not forget to also clean the wheels of the doors.

Step 6: Apply Grease


The best way to maintain the smooth sliding of the door is to spray a thin layer of silicone lubricant on the door track after the deep cleaning.

Step 7: Place Glass Door Back

Return the glass and screen door to their original position by doing the reverse of step 3 and 2.

Cost and Time to Clean Between Sliding Glass Doors


The cost for cleaning sliding glass doors is estimated at around $2.50 – $8.00 per pane. This is according to Homeguide.

However, in general, costing is dictated by the type of cleaning service a sliding glass door requires. For example, a freaking dirty and full of chemical deposits sliding glass shower door make-over would cost $250 for a professional cleaner service. However, a commercial building sliding glass door that only needs maintenance cleaning from dust and grease would only cost $8 per glass panel and take less time to do it.


Learning how to clean between sliding glass doors keeps your doors in good condition. More importantly, maintaining the whole part regularly saves a great amount of time and finances in the long run.

Make sure you clean the glass and the door track carefully to avoid dirt and moisture build-up that makes the door unsightly.

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