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COEN! design agency | City Apartment Upside Down

Interiors COEN! design agency | City Apartment Upside Down

The apartment is situated in the Medina Building by the London architect Neave Brown. On top of each apartment is a garden terrace. A hanging garden. This makes the building a green paradise in the heart of the city and makes the apartment really a house upside down!

This luxurious city apartment is designed by COEN! to create a harmonious whole. A perfect combination of robust, warm and pure materials like wood, stone, glass and marmoleum.

The use of sober colors with colorful accents make it a timeless and stylish residential. Special about this project is that the apartment is designed ´upside down´: the design studio is placed on the ground floor, the sleeping rooms on the first stock and the living with a beautiful view on top of this.

All the furniture, colors and materials are well thought combined by Coen. If there was a piece of furniture not exactly suitable for this place, Coen made a design and had it produced. For example the grey furniture in the studio, bed, the bamboo bathroom furniture and the high gloss white cupboards in the living are designs by COEN!

More than just the interior
Art brings color in this sober but warm apartment. Works of Bert Vredegoor, Margriet Smulders, Erwin Olaf and of course work from Coen van Ham himself (´Testbeeld´, situated in the design studio) have all the attention they need because of the serene surroundings.

In 2006 COEN! redesigned the TV test picture to symbolize the National Broadcasting Channel. The well-known test picture was translated into colourful art forms on wall panels and window accessories throughout the media building. Based on the same design, a series of 16 colourful giclees was produced, which when taken together form the complete test picture.

Due to the subtle design of the studio, it also looks good in this living environment. Moreover, thanks to the ageless design, the products by COEN! do fit in with various styles of interior design, but always in a fine balance.

K´Do Ding (Pres´N Thing) is also such a product in this interior that is designed by Coen van Ham. And is proudly presented with fresh flowers in the studio. This foldable carton can be used as a vase, bin, bowl or box. It is designed during his graduation at the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

When do you consider an object as a product and when does it more appear as a packaging?

This product is placed at the fine line between a product and a packaging.

Concept with an identity layer
Achieving the best possible result using as few means as possible. This is the starting point of designer Coen van Ham. This interior reveals what he means by this. The transparent appearance contributes to the strong look of the functional design. ‘But most importantly perhaps is the fact that the focus has been entirely on the people that live in this apartment, and not on the interior’,. says the designer. ‘I was looking in the visual language of the interior I designed.’

Everyone is unique. COEN! has the expertise needed to translate this uniqueness into a consistent and powerful corporate identity which fits like a glove. That´s why I started workshops to let clients discover their unique identity. This makes it for me easier to create afterwards an identity that reflects the soul of the client or the company. So this identity lasts longer and communicates stronger. And, more important, you create an identity inside out instead of outside in. This has lead to this interior that feels like home.

Coen: “Why do I love this project? Because in it’s design, I combine communication, interior design, product design, graphic design and art into a strong image that reflects the identity of the people or organisation I work for. I call this the identity layer. By the way: all other projects of my studio or made by dear colleagues as Marcel Wanders, Phillipe Starck and for example Ron Arad that carry this perfect ´identity layer´ that fits like a glove make me very proud.”

Agelessness suits van Ham. ‘A response I often hear is that my designs are so self-evident. As if they have been there for years. I think in essence that is why I’m so proud of this design. In twenty years’ time it will still be a beautiful, attractive environement. That is what I call true durability in design!’

Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Design Interior: COEN! design agency | Coen van Ham
Interior Builder: Cokoen
Furniture: Leolux, COEN!, Herman Miller, Driade, Luceplan, Kartell
Tiles: Mosa
Floor: Marmoleum and Norwegian slate
Walls: stucco
Ceiling: stucco and concrete
Art: Bert Vredegoor, Margriet Smulders, Coen van Ham, Erwin Olaf, Jan Ros, Danielle Coeterier
Floor: 200 sqm
Start Design: 2006
Start Building: July 2007
Delivery: 2009
Photographs: COEN! design agency

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