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10 Best Colors That Go With Purple You Should Try

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Purple contains the properties of both warm and cool colors, being a perfect mixture of the two contrasting patterns.

Purple has always been the representation of royalty. In addition, this color encourages imaginative and creative capacity. The secret will lie in the combination between purple and the colors it matches.

In this post, we will find out the most potential colors that go with purple to suit your particular purposes.

Colors That Go Well With Purple

Some mixtures will create a sunny and lively feeling. In other cases, when combining other shapes of purple like lilac with snowy white, we will end up with a soft and dedicated combo.

There are a wide variety of approaches to mix and match with purple in your interiors and your styles. Knowing the basic theory will help you create eye-catching couples.

1. Light Purple and White


White represents something simple and pure, so when paired with purple, they will create the feeling of elegance and simplicity for your house interior.

You will be amazed by how soothing and elegant your bedroom looks in the combination of the lavender shade, lilac, or mauve with a surrounding white color.

A room with both walls and ceiling in white will become more spacious and modern when it has some details in light shades of purple.

2. Purple And Orange


When it comes to what colors go with purple, not many people think of orange, but purple and orange can be one of the best opposing combinations that we can create.

When an energetic orange appears beside a purple that is a calm color, they will balance the difference and create a perfect visualization. Therefore, if a vibrant feeling is what you are looking for, this color combination is a great suggestion for you.

Another tone of orange is burnt orange. When it blends with purple, it will make people think of a drama feel in a space and how effectively it will attract viewers’ attention.

3. Purple and Pink


Pink is considered a color for feminine, so if you are looking for this look, including this color and pink is an excellent choice.

Pink is a playful color that brings pleasure, while purple contains some characteristics of moodiness. Therefore, you will be surprised by the huge contrast created when placing a rich pigmented eggplant shade next to the pale pink.

The combination of these two colors will create an excellent attractive glamorous feel, especially when the eggplant purple takes the main part.

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4. Purple And Green


On the color wheel, green is a purple complementary color, so there is no doubt that green is a good choice when paired with purple to create perfect harmony.

Some green shapes look good with purple, including olive, lime, and mint green. These green colors are the perfect partners with purple for interiors.

However, be careful to use lime green, which is a vivid and lively tone of green, with bright purple to not make things overwhelming.

When choosing a verdant shade of green and deep purple to go together, we will have a nice artful result full of drama and mystery.

A muted shade of green is sage green which can be an ideal choice to mix with purple. It is a perfect background color for purple to take the spotlight.

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5. Purple And Gold


In many cultures, gold is a symbol of prosperity, power, wealth, and luxury. Purple has some similarities, coming with the meaning of lavishness, royalty, and also magnificence.

Purple is created by mixing blue and red together, so it contains both a warm and cool feel that showcases yellow gold. The combination will balance them out.

The lighter shade of purple is lavender which is graceful and soft. Gold is good with purple, and the result will be luxury, royalty, and timelessness.

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6. Dark Purple And Brown


Neutrals like brown are also colors that compliment purple, and they are the ideal choice for those who don’t like the combination with a purple contrast color. Instead, when they go together, dark purple and brown will create a royal and stately look.

In the case of tan brown colors, when they pair with purple, it will create a tremendous retro feel. Therefore, you should be careful to put them together if you don’t mean that vibe.

There is no doubt about how wonderful the mixture of purple and brown is. The plum purple will become attractive when it appears with tan or coffee colors. When you combine these two colors in some outfit items, you can have a professional look.

7. Pastel Purple And Taupe


If you are looking for something less intense, then pastel purple will be one of the best choices. This shape of purple is sweeter but still shows the feel of the luxurious color, creating a light and smooth atmosphere.

Meanwhile, taupe is a neutral color that goes perfectly with muted pastels like pastel purple. If you don’t want the common neutral choices, taupe is a more interesting color for you than purple and black, for example.

The combination of pastel purple and taupe will make a space airy and casual. However, it is still appealing enough not to be plain.

On the other hand, you can match dark purple and taupe to bring a warm and welcoming feel. They are mixed interiors to balance each other, creating a favorable atmosphere. That’s why you might often see houses with purple walls that will come with blue furniture.

8. Purple And Blue


Blue is one of the accent colors for purple that you need to know. The position of purple and blue on the color wheel is quite close as they belong to the same color group. That’s one of the reasons why they match quite well together.

It is so easy to combine purple and blue together in interior spaces, while blue has various shades that can mix well with purple. The darkest tone of blue is navy blue, which becomes elegant to go with dark purple.

Tranquility is also a sense of this combination. It will be more defined with the two muted colors. On the other hand, pastel purple and blue give a clear feel of soothingness with both contemporary and casual feel.

Purple and blue inspire us to think about dreams like the colors of the sky in our child’s books.

9. Purple And Yellow


Another ideal color choice to balance with purple is yellow. The couple can be used for both interior designs, especially in the living room, and fashion.

If a royal and stylish look is what you are looking for, you can consider matching deep purple with yellow in a rich mustard shape. Furthermore, a technique you can use to emphasize this style is to use heavy textures like velvet.

Otherwise, you can have a joyful and smooth feel when pairing lilac purple with pastel yellow. They will become ideal colors to pick for kid rooms that will become so cute.

Do you want to add a neutral color to reduce the contrasting tone between purple and yellow? Then, the answers will be white or magnolia, which will work to make the overall atmosphere complete.

10. Purple and Dark Gray


Gray brings a sense of reliability and seriousness. When it blends with a color with a similar meaning, like royal purple, there will be an interesting result.

Bright purple and dark gray will bring both dark and light to an atmosphere. If you want to have a more luxe feel in a space like this, you can hang a crystal chandelier overhead that is elegant and modern.

On the other hand, when muted purple comes with light gray, there will be a royal tint then.


Purple is considered to be one of the tough colors to find a color to go well with it and create your desired effects. However, as you can see in this article, there is a wide range of colors that go with purple to create surprising results.

Moreover, each color pattern leads to a different feel in fashion and interior design. You can now choose a solution that fits your specific purpose.

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