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Interiors editing-suite-daylight

Conversion of an existing courtyard building to a postproduction studio with three editing suites.

The three editing suites are arranged around a circulation area, which is wide enough to integrate a small kitchen, some lounge furniture and a wardrobe. The dynamic shapes of the spaces is a consequence of the triangular shape of the existing building. Acoustic separation – a key criteria for this kind of working environment –  between the editing suites has been achieved by installing doubled planked drywalls on separate studs and self-sealing doors towards the hall. The hall is also physically separating the largest presentation suite from the smaller suites for best acoustic conditions. Load bearing elements like columns and beams and the services are all concealed by a double partition wall, that also allows for an integrated kitchen and wardrobe.

The studio’s sole source of daylight is four roof lights. In order to achieve a diffuse and homogenous lighting of the studio and to avoid glare, a white translucent stretch ceiling has been installed in all rooms. This stretch ceiling also conceals the artificial lighting – a row of fluorescent and incandescent light fittings. The photos of the large editing suite show the different lighting possibilities offered by this solution, ranging from a dramatic dim daylight over a warm and comfy incandescent lighting, to the artificial daylight quality required for high-end video editing.

The Hall
The black finish of the hall and the matching black mdf  wardrobe and kitchen are in stark contrast to the backlit ceiling, fortifying the dramatic lighting of the space. The warm leather colour of the chair complements the other materials to create an inviting space.

Editing suites
The editing suites are kept in a more neutral grey to comply with requirements for high-end video editing. The white bespoke editing desk features LED backlighting for perfect screen working conditions . The sideboard and tables follow the same minimal design and are complemented by warm tone of the leather sofa.

Visual Working Method
Designyougo’s visual working method has been key to involve the client in the design process early on. The photorealistic representations of the design concept allowed the clients to fully appreciate the benefits of this unique and strong design language, easing the decision process that is necessary to create outstanding interior design.

Location: Berlin, Germany
Design Interior: designyougo
Surface Area: 90 sqm
Completion Date: October 2010
Photographer: designyougo

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