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different length curtains in same room

While it is true that having a uniform curtain length in the same room is an ideal design recommended by experts, it does not mean we are bound to follow it in every case.

For different sized windows in the same room, we are allowed to be creative. Each type of window should be adorned with curtains appropriate for its size, function, and placement.

Different length curtains in same room add dimensional design and do not compromise the overall harmony and balance when placed strategically. Scroll down for more interesting curtain ideas for your room.

Decor Curtain Length Rules


The standardized curtain lengths produced are:

  • 120 inches
  • 108 inches
  • 96 inches
  • 84 inches
  • 63 inches

However, you can customize the length depending on your preference.

When you are still contemplating the length of the curtain you want to buy or use, follow the guidance of the curtain length rule of thumbs.

Choose a curtain length that breaks anywhere from ¼ inches to ½ inches from the floor, especially when eyeing stationary panels.

However, this rule of thumb for curtain length applies only to full-length curtains. With that in mind, the different curtain length option below gives you more specific details about the different curtain lengths which you can choose from.

Different Length Curtain Options

There are many types of curtains, each with a unique style and length to serve its purpose. Short curtain lengths are best for kitchen windows to filter lights coming in, while the longer ones are reserved for formal setup like the living room.

Using curtains for odd sized windows brings perfection on the surface brought about by its solid characteristics which tricks the eyes by the beauty it beholds.

With these benefits we get from curtain lengths, it would be nice to understand the differences of each length and where they are used to give significance on the specific windows they are placed.

1. Short Curtains


These types of curtains display a casual and airy look and they do not go beyond 83 inches long. They are mostly used in small or and short windows.

  • Cafe length – Cafe length is an interesting type of short curtain. As the name suggests, this type of curtain was often used in cafes during the 80’s, and it hangs from the center of the window down to the windowsill. Its uniqueness was adapted in this modern time and expanded its use to kitchen and bathroom windows.
  • Sill length – It is designed to hang from the curtain rod and drop on the windowsill level. Most kitchen curtain lengths follow this type of standard to cover the whole window frame against light from the outside.

Like cafe length curtains, this is also used in small bathroom windows to allow air exchange of air from the inside to the outside.

  • Apron length – Apron length curtains are the most practical among the rest of curtain length. It’s the length that hangs about 4 inches below the window frame.

This is the best choice for a children’s room for both its classy charm and safety reasons. It perfectly covers the window frame and allows movement of playful children without the threat of falling.

2. Long Curtains


The length of long curtains varies depending on the type of curtains you are looking for but should not be lower than 84 inches. These are used mostly in formal set-ups to give a coherent smart appeal or to disguise different window sizes on the same wall.

  • Floor length

Floor length curtains are the all-time favorites of all curtain lengths. As the name suggests, it is made to cover any window until the floor or ½ inch above the floor.

Also, it is designed in favor of all types of windows. When used as curtains for long, short windows, this curtain takes the spotlight from the window by its dramatic effect, hence the size of the window is temporarily covered.

Furthermore, long curtains on small windows conceal the size of the windows. It gives a different perspective when a solid curtain covers the upper part of the window frame to the floor.

It can also be used in small rooms to enunciate the wall’s length and the ceiling’s depths.

  • Puddle length

Puddle length is the longest curtain length. The length depends on your preference, especially when you prefer a customized curtain. But to be exact, the standard puddle length is between 6 – 16 inches beyond the floor length.

The length of curtains for bedroom windows can be patterned on this setup to add enchantment and grandeur to the interior visuals. However, it also has its downside. It needs to be maintained regularly as the extra length gathers dust and filth from the floor.

Tips to Choose the Right Curtain Length

The right curtain length, cloth type, and design bring a positive ambiance and elevate your space to professional craftsmanship.

Dressing your window with long and short curtains together could be messy when you need to have an idea of curtain length and designs.

Check out some helpful tips to find curtains for different sized windows in the same room.

1. Measure the Size


The secret to having a well-trimmed appearance of curtains is getting the exact measurement of the distance from the rod to the length you want the hem of your curtain to the ground.

When you opt to display short sheers with long curtains on the sides, measure the two separately to get the exact lengths you need.

2. Rule of 10s


Another tip to get the right curtain length for your window is to follow the rule of 10s. This method adds 10 inches on both sides of the window and another 10 inches above the window frame.

This method gives a perfect cover for the whole window frame, and adding a few inches on the top brings into perspective an illusion of a larger window.

3. Width vs. Length


Curtain width is as important as its length. Taking the right curtain length spares you from a crampy or stretched-out curtain view.

To achieve this, multiply the width of your windows by 2. When you have a 36 inches wide window, your curtain width should be 72 inches (36 x 2).

Frequently Ask Questions


Is it okay to have different curtains in the same room?

Yes, it is. The key here is blending and harmony. Choose curtains with matching patterns, colors, and textures so that when they are joined together, the totality of their design shows a unified view.

How long should curtains be above the window frame?

There is no set rule on how long the curtains should be above the window frame.

However, to achieve a better perspective and professionally enriched design, moving your rod placement at least 4 inches above the window frame will make a big difference compared to placing your rod just above the window trim.

How to Hang curtains in a room with different window heights?

Hanging curtains for windows with different heights might be as confusing and dramatic as it looks; however, the solution is simple.

Place the curtain rod above the highest window frame and use floor-length curtains to cover all the windows.

This technique opens an illusion of windows of the same height and size. It also gives a notion of a high ceiling and expansive windows.

Is it better to have curtains too long or too short?

Curtain length always depends on someone’s taste, but as recommended, curtains must also abide by the window’s functionality, size, and placement.

A large French window in the living room is fantastic when covered with long curtains like floor length or a puddle-length curtain.

A short, elongated window in the kitchen uses a shorter curtain like that of the windowsill length.

That said, it is not the length that gives a better view; keeping the balance and proportion on curtain length is the key to a professional look.

How long should curtains be above a radiator?

Regarding this, you should keep a distance of 1 – 1.6 inches from your curtain to the radiator.


Curtains form a significant part of the visual appeal of interior design as it brings about the idea of luxury and sophistication. Learning tips to hang curtains on different window heights helps you achieve a persuasive visual appearance that casts worries aside.

Also, different length curtains in same room are not a bother anymore as long as the curtains are fashioned to enhance the room’s vibes and mood.

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