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BARCELONA & PARTNERS DNA reaches the city of Accra in Ghana, to build a British school where children can complete their education, from preschool through high school.

Accra is Ghana’s largest city and its capital since 1877. Therefore is a metropolitan region where the administrative, communications and economic development of the country is located.

About 70% of the domestic manufacturing capacity is located in this district. It features buildings that show the transition from the suburbs of the nineteenth century to the modern
metropolis it is today.

VISTA PEATONAL CAMPO DE FUTBOLIt is a city with history and growing. There he built the “British International School of Ghana,” the campus will be located east of Legon Hills, and its opening is scheduled for late 2014. It will have a theater, a gym and a sports complex, a swimming pool, cafeteria, common and special computer rooms, science and languages, a library, is provided with a dormitory and school bus services.

The formal concept of the school is like a continuous ribbon that weaves in ascending order representing the progress of the education of a child. The circulation space of the building is a continuous meandering ramp where a single corridor weaves all areas and is constantly increasing in height. The deck is a playground, leaving the possibility of a solar if this were required collector.

The facade consists of glass and colorful plates following the chromology the rainbow, this creates a fun and friendly image, in contrast to the flagship schools, their colors invite students to a play space and knowledge.

VISTA AEREA 2The colors exert emotional influences on students. Some colors in the environment help children and adolescents to perform different activities. For example, places like the warm colors-orange or red-dominated are good to be active and exercise, while the places where cold-like colors blue or green-dominated are best for concentration. Consistent with this notion chromatic colors will alternate according to the activities that take place in the spaces.

The juxtaposition of the continuous facade creates an approval in the appearance of these internal functions and differ only by their color. The enclosure is alternating full and empty glasses and blanking plates, giving a sense of rhythmic permeability between inside and outside, between education and the outdoors. The effect of light changes with the seasons and times of the day.

The colors of the stained glass, help to create a happy atmosphere that leaves the imagination of children. A while generating a contemporary design colorful tones.

Morphologically is a treadmill that is collected in three parts: the first ring that makes up the withdrawal of this edilicia tape is high school, this is divided into three levels, the second ring is primary school developed in two levels, which also contains an annex of sports features shared with high school space, the third and last ring formed what kindergarten on one level.

VISTA AEREA 1Downstairs most extracurricular activities such as the gym, library, art rooms, multimedia rooms and computer are two cafes, and contain a large area that provides support services to the school.

On the first floor are the primary and secondary classrooms with services sinks and vertical communication arranged at the corners of each spin. On the second floor are secondary classrooms, special classrooms and library science.

The space outside the campus, was intended as a big green garden interrupted only by a large hall at school. The edilicios rings delimit and separate indoor recreational green areas with an introverted character provides social spaces and places of pauses and silences, while in the active outdoor sports and outdoor functions are performed.

The school will take place in phases, first a two-story building corresponding to the high school will be built. In a second step the first school was held and ultimately the kindergarten building.

MASTERPLANSchool is the place where you learn and forget things, where tests are approved and suspended where some knowledge is disseminated and where some skills are acquired and certain habits and norms. But it is also the place where funny things, where they make friends and enemies, where children write and read, agitating and muted, jump and play, sharpen pencils, fall in love and live for most of his childhood and occur adolescence.

The scenario where all this takes time is school. Therefore it seemed important to work on the idea of architecturally intervene in the process, generate a place of fun and knowledge with contemporary features of the XXI century.

Our philosophy focuses on building life, creating environments where people can live. At the end all space designs affect the user and how they live. Each space is different and each is as an actor capable of creating different feelings in the user. The architecture involves the mind, body and soul and somehow, this understanding and work our projects has become a badge of office.

Location: Ghana, West Africa
Architect: DNA Barcelona Architects
Program: British School
– Kindergarden: 3,018 m2
– Primary School: 4,349 m2
– Secondary School: 5,956 m2
– Gymnasium: 2,512 m2
Site: 8,776 m2
Built: 15,835 m2
Status: In progress
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