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The Central Park is located along Jalan S. Parman Highway in Western Jakarta, Indonesia, comprising of 5 components, namely a 5-storey retail podium with basement, a 40-storey office tower, a hotel, 3 identical 48-storey apartment towers and an open green park.


 With a site of 8 hectares, The Central Park is conceived as a gateway site to its surrounding vicinity, presenting an opportunity to develop a sense of identity and community. The Central Park’s key design consideration is derived from its urban setting. The Central Park strives to serve as a counter-point to an adjacent high-density residential developement where open spaces and greeneries are lacking due to the built density. Therefore, the key design strategy is to set the developement back from the adjacent developements and create an open park that offers the developement and its surroundings a physical and visual relief.


 The different components of The Central Park are arranged in a characteristic arched layout, with the open park cradled within the ”arch”, serving as the gateway into The Central Park, the hotel and residential towers are located at the other more reclusive end, with the shopping podium linking up these towers to form the characteristic arch. This arched layout has created a ”dumb-bell” effect where crowds are dispersed from both ends of the ”arch” into the shopping podium and the open park. It has also avoided overlooking between the towers and yet allowed the towers and podium views and acces to the park.


In response to the arched layout, the activity decks along the podium facade are shaped as a series of overlapping sinuous curves that sweeps across entire length of the podium facade. These curved decks give The Central Park its signature facade, imbuing interesting reliefs and elegant finesse in an otherwise flat podium wall. At night, the curved decks are lit up to form a series of lines waving across the podium, emulating the organic layouts of the open park.


 The office tower takes after the sliced form of natural crystals. Standing at over 200m tall, it contributes to the S. Parman skyline as a distinctive modern icon. Within the podium, shops are arranged along perimeter of a narrow and arched plan, allowing ample daylight to reach the shops. Outside the podium, the ameliorative qualities of a diverse range of local plant types and landscape elements offers an amiable microclimate in the open park. The park appeals to the core human senses of sight, smell, taste, touch and sound, offering respite from the otherwise harsh built environment.


Continuing the concept of nature, three indoor atriums line along the podium axis and are designed with three climatic themes – the Temperate Atrium, the Tropical Atrium and the Artic Atrium, contributing to the user’s rich experience as they moves through the podium.


Location: Western Jakarta, Indonesia
Architect: DP Architects Pte Ltd
Project: Central Park
Area: 8 hectares
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